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How do I find my life's purpose?

asked May 11, 2017
3100 PointsGold
In the simplest terms, Rick, you allow it to reveal itself to you.

However, I know this isn't what you are exactly looking for in an answer. Therefore I am sharing a simple and easy guideline that I have used with my clients and myself for more than two decades. It was originally published by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks of The Hendrick's Institute. I hope you find this helpful.

The Quantum Focus Quadrant Questions

1.    Unique Abilities/Genius
What work do you love doing that doesn’t seem like work?
What of your work generates the largest ratio of positive results compared to time spent?
What are your unique abilities that an organization would have a hard time replacing?   
What is it that you do, and if you couldn’t do it any longer, you just wouldn’t feel like you?

2.    Excellence
What do you consistently get positive feedback about in your work?
What do you do better than just about anyone else?

3.    Competence
What do you do that others can do as well or better?
What work do you do well but that isn’t totally satisfying?

4.    Incompetence
What do you consistently get negative feedback about in your work?
What do you do that just about everyone can do better?

Answer these questions with depth and clarity and then decide if you desire to create a livelihood from a place of your Unique Abilities and Excellence.

You will experience more joy and fulfillment in your life if you spend at least 70% of your time in Quadrants 1 & 2.

In joy, Tracy
May 15, 2017
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480 PointsSilver
Rick, I second the answer below.
There are many ways of looking at your life's purpose, and here are just few:
1) we have many purposes. in every stage of life our purpose may be to be the best father/ mother, the best supporter, become example of self care or compassion.
2) avoid looking at life's purpose only from the perspective of your profession. start seeing it as a full expression of who you are as a person,  the essence of your true self.
3) life's purpose can be fulfilled consistently over a long period of time, but it also may be an instant:  for example when you open your heart for another person who is in despair, and you hear them out, you might have saved their life. This is a purpose too.
4) GO FOR FULFILLMENT: where do you feel most fulfilled? When does life has most MEANING to you? When you are doing what? When do you think: THIS IS what life is about!
Passion, joy, deeper meaning, fulfillment - are signals you are doing what's your life's purpose.

When are you so fulfilled that you can't help but share?  "The essence of fulfillment is PURE sharing! "
May 21, 2017
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