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How will I know what my purpose is when I'm good at a lot of things

asked May 11, 2017
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Hi Rick,

You will know your life purpose when you find something that you love so much and are so excited to do, that it does not seem like work; and you would do it even if you did not get paid.

It will be something that you can stay up all hours of the night to keep doing because you love it so much. You may even forget to eat.
May 13, 2017
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Hi Rick,

That's a great question!
 When you resonate with your life purpose your heart will sing with joy  and a buzz will go through your whole being as your cells tune to your optimal vibration in the moment. This unique feeling penetrates to the core of you. You will experience wellness and a sense of fulfilment that lifts you to new heights within in that moment. So you may be good at a lot of things but notice that different feeling touch your core when you truly hit the mark with it. Then follow that feeling and let it guide you to experience more of it in order to sustain it.
Your core energy signature or vibration resonates with your life purpose and is programmed to help you succeed in it. If you would like to explore  how aligned with your true path you are please contact for a session. As an energetic life coach, I am happy to help.
May 15, 2017
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This is a great question. Our purpose can change throughout our lifetime. It can be fluid.
It could be helpful to do some journaling to sort your thoughts. A professor from my graduate program introduced me to a writing activity  and I found it  life changing. It definitely helped me zone in and discover what my passions are in my career.

Do a free write! Write out everything and anything that resonates with you when you think of your why in life. Think about what motivates you to get up in the morning? What keeps you going? What are you passionate about?
Then, circle words from that free write that really stand out to you.
With those words try and finish this sentence. My purpose in life is to.....
This might take some time to process through and might not come as quickly, but I've introduced this to students and other colleagues and it has been an affirming activity for them.
Feb 12
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