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How can I create more positive experiences in my life?

asked Jan 16, 2017
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How do you create positive experiences?  Rules (“should”s and “should not”s) and fears can hold us back from completely letting go and allowing ourselves to enjoy our experiences fully.  How can we relax and really enjoy everything that life can be?

Fortunately, what you really want is actually possible and available to you.  You just need to know and apply some key ideas:

Here are three steps to creating more positive experiences in your life:

1) Imagine and step into the experience that you’d like to have.

2) Respond to the experiences that come up that are incompatible with this experience that you’d like to have and redirect them.

3) Listen to yourself and take action in accordance with what feels right and good for you from the place of feeling what you’d like to feel.

You can apply these three steps to creating any new positive experiences in your life in any area (career, relationship, health, family, friendships, living situation, etc.).

Let’s explore these steps in more detail:

#1:  Imagine The Experience You’d Like.

Before we can experience something in the world, we need to imagine it, create it in our minds, make it real for ourselves as an experience of thoughts and feelings and desires about it before it has any physical reality associated with it.  Notice how as you imagine this experience, you’re already experiencing it.  This is the key to bringing about a physical reality that supports this experience.

So step into this experience as fully as possible in your mind, feel it in your body, live in it for a little while.

#2:  Respond And Redirect.

When you’re trying to imagine the experience you’d like to have, address and redirect any thoughts, feelings, or desires that come up that are negative and incompatible with the positive experience that you’d like to have.  The way you do this is by first acknowledging that every thought, feeling, and desire that comes up is not you speaking; it is about you.  It is your internal guidance, your GPS, speaking to you about you, and not about any other person or anything else.  

So if there are reactions within you seemingly to someone or something outside you, this is your thoughts, feelings, and desires speaking to you; it is not you speaking and it is not about anyone or anything outside you.  Therefore, in order to address these concerns, it is up to you to take responsibility for making your GPS experience these things and to validate the feelings by saying something like, “I’m sorry I’ve made you feel these things (and be specific by putting the negative feelings into words).  Going forward, I would love to make you feel these other things instead (and be specific by stating the opposite of the negative feelings you just mentioned).”

If you experience anything that doesn’t fit the experience you’d like to have, do not ignore it and talk over it with forced positivity, dismiss it as unworthy of your attention, or tune it out, or you will create more negative experiences for yourself.  Validate the experiences you have in reaction to the world as being reactions to you—reactions by your internal guidance to how you’ve treated it and made it feel.  Remind yourself that the world is just a mirror and this will be easier, because then it is obvious that it is showing you nothing but what is within you.  And only if you change what is within you can you change what you experience in the mirror.  So respond to the thoughts, feelings, and desires that speak up within you, for they are speaking to you about you, and not about anyone or anything in the mirror.

#3:  Listen And Act.

Listen to yourself.  Listen to what feels right about what specific actions to take and when.  If you don’t listen to yourself, you won’t get the experience you want in the mirror of the world either.  But if you do listen to yourself, the experiences you thereby create for yourself will be reflected and supported by the people and the world around you.

Over many years of guiding others, I’ve helped many people create more positive experiences in every area of their lives using my Life Guidance System.  If you’d like help creating more positive experiences in your life—in a relationship, career, or any other area—contact me for a Free 30-Minute More Positive Experiences Now Session, in which you’ll:

* Get completely clear about what you truly want.

* Become aware of exactly what actually has been holding you back from getting everything you want up until now.

* Leave the session re-energized and inspired, with clarity about the next steps that you can take, beginning now, to get everything you want.

Ready to create more positive experiences in your life?  Contact me now and let’s get started making this happen!
Jan 16, 2017
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Hi. Be careful of who you hang around, and be open to new things
Jul 27, 2017
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Dare to break old patterns.
Feb 18, 2018
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