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I cannot meditate. What else you got for a scatter-brain?

asked May 17, 2017
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Hello Rick, you may or may not like my answer, but I have taught meditation for nearly 30 years, and obviously practiced it and trained with others for the same length of time, I will say can meditate. When I started, I felt much the same way you did. What? Quiet my mind? Are you kidding me? But one just has to persevere.  

Start with setting a reminder for 15 minutes. Sit where you will not be disturbed and choose something to focus on: 1) your breath, 2) the flame of a candle, 3) make a soft humming noise and focus on will get it. Give yourself 7-10 days of being consistent and you will start to find that stillness inside. The best way to be consistent is to practice the at the same time, same place and same amount of time daily. This helps set a pattern, a conditioned response, that will help you achieve your goals faster.

Think about this: if you go to a raging river just have a big storm and scoop up a jar full of water and attempt to look through it - it will be cloudy, muddy or full of sediment. However, if you leave it on the table and let all the particles that are making it lack clarity settle to the bottom you will have a jar full of water that is more clear. That's the process of sitting still, and taking the time to let the sediment of your mind to settle.

If you want to know more I can coach you just in a mediation practice, and/or I have a meditation handbook called: Finding Refuge in the Storm I can send to you. You may also try guided meditation for a time. On my website there are several guided meditations for free, there is a home-study course for purchase, and you can also find me, and many others, on the app called Omvana.

You can do this! All the best. In joy, Tracy
May 19, 2017
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