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How do I increase my energy and motivation?

asked Jan 16, 2017
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How do you increase energy and motivation?  Throughout the day and throughout life there are times that we might feel tired and less energized or motivated to keep going and getting everything done that we’d like to get done, or to do anything at all.

The key to increasing energy and motivation in your life is to imagine how you’d like to feel ultimately.  If you did whatever you think you want to do, accomplished whatever you think you want to accomplish, experienced whatever you think you want to experience, what would you be feeling afterward?

If you went to the gym, or you had the body you want, or you had the relationship you want, or you had the job you want, or you had the income you want, or you had a certain house, or you became a famous actor, or you became a successful businessman, or you had an attractive partner, or you had whatever else you think you want, what would you feel then?

Perhaps you want to feel relaxed, settled, confident, valuable, worthy, useful, helpful, secure, peaceful, in control, good, happy, excited, loved, connected, like you belong, etc.  So imagine what it would be like to feel whatever you want to feel, and then ask yourself from that place what it feels right to do now.  Then do this.  This might be the same thing that you thought you wanted to do, or it might be something completely different.  Just do whatever feels right once you have stepped into the feelings that you actually want to be experiencing.

When you fast-forward to afterward and imagine feeling whatever you actually want to be feeling, and then you do what feels right from this place—rather than simply forcing yourself forward toward some undefined experience—you’ll be far more energized and motivated.  This is because you’ll have a clear purpose and aim pulling you forward toward it, so you won’t have to push or pull yourself forward on your own efforts alone, trying to get away from something rather than being pulled toward something.  And this is also because to be energized and motivated is to feel something.  If you want a feeling, step into a feeling and then act from there.  Don’t use logic or analysis or mere action to try to get to a feeling.  Imagine and step into your desired feeling, and you will be motivated to do whatever would support you in experiencing that feeling.

If you’d like help getting clear about what you really want to feel and what would actually support you in experiencing these feelings—so that you can have more energy and motivation in your life—contact me now and you’ll come out of the first free session with more energy and motivation already!
Jan 16, 2017
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Hi. A nutritious diet and exercise
Jul 27, 2017
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