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How can I find my soulmate?

asked Jan 16, 2017
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That’s a great question! It’s not your job to find your soulmate. Your job is to create your soulmate in you! Your soulmate is going to mirror the relationship you’re creating with yourself. All relationships are a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. Your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires are the ones who choose someone to show you how they feel with you in their relationship with you. You get to create all your relationships in your life. You’re the creator of the feelings you have and the world around you supports you in feeling the way you want to feel.

Steps to finding a soulmate: First what we are going to do is set a feeling destination for your thoughts, feelings, and instincts to guide you towards. They bring you everything you focus on in your life.

1.  Focus on the feeling you would like to experience in a relationship, let’s say a year from now.

2.  Say those feelings to yourself. What you’re doing is stepping into a feeling destination right now.

Good Job! What will happen next is ways you have been treating yourself in the past that are not aligned with this new relationship will come up. Contact me to help you clear the path to allow your soulmate to come into your life by working through past ways you have treated yourself that are not aligned with the relationship you’d like to have with your soulmate.
Jan 16, 2017
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You true soul mate is your twin soul. Seldom do these come together in life times. Your twin soul is made of the same energy as you and was born in the same moment, from the same energetic spark. The purpose being that at birth a soul gets to experience its unique perfection, which is mirrored through the other. This memory stays with us, deep within our consciousness and provides an inner momentum to evolve into our own perfect state. Always reminding us and driving us to find perfection within the self that we experienced in the other.
The closer we get to our own truth and perfect state, the more we resonate with our twin soul and ironically, the less we feel a need to find them, as we have learnt to feel complete and whole without them. Therefore, most twin souls don’t choose to spend time together, as they are busy completing and perfecting themselves through life experiences that will enrich them and help them evolve further.  Twin souls are connected energetically but not bound to each other and the choice of a twin soul encounter in a lifetime is down to the souls involved. A twin soul may come into a lifetime to help where its counterpart is lost or struggling and moving further from its truth. This rejuvenates the spirit in each and re-awakens the memory imprint of the true and perfect self, providing invigoration and renewed focus.
Aside from our twin soul, there are many other kinds of soul mate that we can encounter.  These may be particular souls that naturally lift us and we enjoy being in the company of.  We may closely resonate with their energy and thus, they may remind us of our twin soul.
The best way to find your soul mate is to:
•    Cultivate the qualities in yourself that you seek in the other. Then you will resonate and begin to draw to each other. For example, if you wish to find a soul mate that is loving and kind, be loving and kind to yourself first.
•    Take some time to define what you seek in the other. Make a clear list of what you would like but don’t be too rigid with this. Be realistic. The perfect soul mate for you does not have to be perfect – just perfect for you!
•    Ask yourself if you have those same qualities you seek, within yourself? If not, set about cultivating them now, so you begin to resonate with the soul mate energy you desire and will be drawn together. Be honest with yourself on this one!
•    Build and hold your intentions to allow the perfect soul mate into your life right now. Focus on the positive effects of having this person in your life right now. For example – a person that will lift your spirit, help you feel happy, who will bring joy and make your heart sing just by being in their presence, etc. Define what you seek and act as if you have it, while you go about creating the very same in yourself you can offer to your soul mate when you come together.
Remember, if you want someone to love and honor you, care for and nurture you – ensure you do it for yourself first. Accept yourself and draw closer to your perfect state, so you attract from that inner vibration and will encounter a soul who resonates with your energetic signature and truth, so that you ultimately, bring a sense of fulfillment and joy to each other.
To learn about your sub conscious patterns and how to cultivate the right inner state, for help defining your perfect soul mate and attracting this to you, or for creating more fulfilling relationships in your life, please call or book an appointment. I am happy to help.
Jan 19, 2017
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Hi. There are many versions of a soul mate. It is mostly a soul connection that happens anytime, anywhere. People blow it up into a ridiculous fantasy thing though.
Jul 27, 2017
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