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How can I get people to treat me better and nicer? I’m always nice to people but it’s not always reciprocated.

asked Jan 16, 2017
6510 PointsGold
That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. How someone treats you is only a reflection of how you’re already treating yourself. The world around you is supporting you in how you treat yourself. If it’s okay with you, it might be better to reword this question to: How can I treat myself better?
Immediate ways to treat yourself better:

1. Start speaking and treating yourself the way you would like to be spoken to… so maybe kindly, patiently, respectfully, calmly

2. Apologize to yourself when you see a reflection in the world around you that you’re not fond of and focus on how you would like to be treating yourself going forward.  

Contact me to help get you on the path of creating an ideal relationship with yourself so the world mirrors a relationship you would like to be in!
Jan 16, 2017
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