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How can I set goals?

asked Jan 16, 2017
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Great question. When setting goals, the most important thing is how you would like to be feeling   once the goal is reached. Your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires will bring you to people and experiences to match up with your feelings.
Use suggestions of specific physical things to generate the feelings to make it more real for you.

Quick steps to setting goals:

1. Fast forward in your mind a couple months, a year, or 10 years from now—whatever seems appropriate for you. Ask yourself what feelings you would like to be feeling from that place…. start to imagine what your life would look like when you’re there.

2. Next, present suggestions to yourself: Maybe you are in a relationship, maybe you’re married, maybe you moved into a house with your spouse…what would it feel like when all those things have already taken place.

3. Setting goals in this way can be used in all areas of your life. Just remember that the main goal is never the physical things, it’s the feeling you would like to be feeling.

Contact me now to help you set really clear goals for your life!
Jan 16, 2017
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This is a great question.  Thank you for asking.  2% of the population actually have written goals. Most will say they have them in their head, but many have no goals at all.  The first step to setting goals is to make a decision to write them down with the intention of striving for them. A Goal is a dream that is written down. We need to make the decision to achieve our goals as if they have already been achieved.

When we set goals, there needs to be parmeters.

1. Make sure goals are positive.
2. Make sure goals are past tense.
3. Make goals in the first person.

For example.  A goal is not , " I hope to get a promotion."  A great goal is, " I am promoted to the new postion on January 1.

The goals need to be:

1. Specific.  Make sure the goals are specific, not just a general idea.
2. Measurable. Be sure the goals can be measured. We need to be able to know where we are in the achievement of the goal.
3. Attainable. The goal needs to be reachable. We need to be challlenged, but the goal needs to be reasonable.
4. Relavent. The goal needs to allow us to reach our journey. As we make goals, be sure they are goals they focused to our passion.
5. Time Centered. Every goal needs to have an end date. Goals are not opened ended.

As we focus on goals, 49 out of 50 CEO's of medium sized businesses according to INC. Magazine, plan their next day on paper the night before. Goals can be for the next day, monthly, yearly, or lifetime. Be sure we are clear in our goals and what we desire to achieve.  Call me today! We can partner with you and help you achieve the goals and dreams you have always wanted to achieve.

Business Coach Bob Reish
Aug 27, 2017
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