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How do you create good positive affirmations?

asked Jan 17, 2017
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When you create positive affirmations, there are some key tips to follow to make them as effective as they can be at shifting your experience in the direction you intend for them to:

1) Write/say them in the present tense (“I am happy!”).  If you say them in the future tense (“I will be happy!” or “I’m going to be happy!”), you’ll be keeping this experience forever in the future.

2) Be honest in what you are saying/writing.  You might point out that saying “I am happy!” when you’re not feeling this is lying to yourself.  And you’d be correct.  The result would be that you would be saying the words, “I am happy!” but the feeling you would be experiencing as you’re saying this would be, “This isn’t true.  I’m actually sad!”  So if you’re not feeling happy, don’t say “I am happy,” or you’ll actually be saying “I am sad!” with your emotional energy, and this is what really matters.

In this case, instead of saying, “I am happy!” you can say something like, “I would love to be happy!” or “It would be so wonderful to be happy!” or “I would really like to be happy!”

3) Always say what you want, not what you don’t want.  If you say, “I am not thinking of a big, pink elephant!” you’re going to be thinking of a big, pink elephant.  So instead you could say, “I would love to imagine a big empty space!” or something like this.  So instead of saying, “I am not tired!” say something like, “I would love to be awake and energized!”

Whatever you focus on, you get, even if you are saying “no” to it.  So if you are saying “no” to something, come up with its opposite and say “yes” to this instead.

4) If it feels good to say it, you’re on the right track!

Here are some examples of great positive affirmations:

“I would love to be wealthy!”

“It would be so amazing to feel loved!”

“I would really like to be calm and comfortable.”

“I love feeling happy!”

“I am excited to feel excited!”

If you’d like help creating some powerful positive affirmations of your own and shifting your entire experience of life to what you want it to be, contact me for a free session and we’ll get started right away!
Jan 17, 2017
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Excellent Question!

Before I answer this question, I would like to share with you an experience. I was in Canada attending a business coaching seminar. At the end of the seminar, the facilitator had all 30 of us stand in a circle. To be honest, I was not amused or excited about doing this. I was ready to go home. However, in order to be a team player, I played along. As he explained to all of us standing in the circle, he told us to close our eyes and he was going to tap the "coach" on the back. If we were the one who was chosen, we were to without words mingle shake hands as if were were in a networking meeting. The only rule was we were not allowed to speak. We were only allowed to mingle, shake hands, and have eye contact. Well, as it turned out, I did not feel a tap on my back, so I was not "chosen" to be a coach.  As I mingled and shaked  hands for the minute that we were required to do so, I was not in the "mindset" of a coach. After the minute, we all gathered back in the circle.  When asked who we thought the coach was, everyone in the circle pointed to someone else. Nobody pointed to them self.  As it turned out, nobody was chosen.

We were all asked to close our eyes again. They said they would tap another person on the back. This time, i felt the tap on the back. Immediately, I went into coach mode, what ever that means. I immediately began to get into a different mindset. This time when we all mingled, my confidence was higher, i shaked peoples hands with more authority, I smiled more, I had more enthusiasm, and was focusing on everybody with a new excitement.  After the minute, we were all instructed to return to the circle. When asked who we thought the coach was, everybody pointed to them selves.  WOW!  what a difference. It turns out, we were all tapped.  Some of the observers in the room commented on the fact that in the second round, all of us carried ourselves with more excitement, confidence, and intentional contact with more people.

The reason I shared this experience is because the difference was mindset. It was what we thought of ourselves even before we began the exercise.  Our self - talk and thoughts have a direct impact in what we believe and feel about ourselves. What we think is what we believe.  What we believe will determine our actions. How we act and what we do is based on what we believe. Our Actions will result in a positive outcome.  The circumstances may not always be what we expected, however our mindset will be a direct result of our thinking.

Some techniques we can do each day to assist in our thinking:

* Devotions
* Meditation
* Think of positive moment versus negative emotions
* Talk to a trusted advisor

If you would like to learn more on how to change your mindset and learn power principles to maintain a positive mindset, reach out to me. I look forward to your call!
Feb 19, 2017
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