15 Couples Vacations Getaways: Vacation Ideas for Couples in 2019

March 16, 2022

Getting away from the daily grind with the one you love is one of the most rewarding investments you can make into your relationship. Move over jewelry and expensive gifts, a survey by the US Travel Association discovered that short trips make much better romantic ventures. The same survey also uncovered that traveling together as a couple leads to a better sex life. With that little fact in mind, have you started planning your next vacation as a couple in 2019? [1]

If the results of this survey are true, it seems logical to make travel with the one you love a priority. Making the space to go on a romantic getaway has positive benefits, even beyond the stress-relieving benefits of a normal getaway.  It seems there is no better way to deepen the connection between two people than to travel alone together.

What does the perfect couples-trip look like for you? Are you foodies, or adrenaline junkies? Do you want to unwind, or go on unforgettable adventures? Does it matter? Maybe you both get fulfilled by the journey and not the destination.

Whatever your goal for your next couples getaway, the world is quite literally filled with possibilities. After all, as one famous line puts it, “It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you.”

If you aren’t dreaming of your next romantic escape with your partner, it’s time to get planning. Whether you’d prefer to soak up the sun on a tropical beach, or seek out new adventure on an all-American road trip, here are a few suggestions to get you in the mood.

Relaxing Getaways for Couples

Kauai, Hawaii

Romance is in the winds throughout the Hawaiian islands, but not as strongly as on the island of Kauai – the garden island. As the least developed island, it’s the most secluded. Its famous for long white beaches, crystal clear waters, and tons of tropical flora and fauna. It’s the perfect destination for couples to find new connections or deepen existing ones.

Bring a few books, layer on the sunscreen and frolic in the surf. Bored? Take a day trip out to snorkel the reefs, or head up into the mountains for a sweaty but rewarding hike. Whether you stay on the lux with the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa, or somewhere slightly more affordable like the ISO Boutique Hotel, you won’t find it hard to reignite the spark. [2][3]

Oregon Coast, USA

A meandering road trip along the winding old highway on the Oregon Coast is a picturesque way to connect with your spouse. Whether you take it all in a weekend, or over a slow month, there is enough to do to keep everyone entertained. Each seaside town, state park, or interesting pit stop is only a short drive away making this the most relaxing road trip you’ve ever been on.

Top spots include the famous endless beaches, and towering rocky coves of Cannon Beach, and the dunes of Cape Kiwanda. Don’t forget to taste your way along the coast, sampling delicious brews from some of the best craft breweries in the world including Pelican Brewing and Buoy Beer. [4][5]

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Imagine rolling green hills, deep red earth, and the ocean visible from everywhere. As the smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island is the perfect destination for couples looking to unwind. It’s the home of Anne of Green Gables, steeped in history, and filled with charming villages from end to end.

Rent a car, stay in a cozy bed and breakfast, and enjoy the slow pace of the island. Be sure to take in one of the famous Lobster Diners which celebrate the bounty of the surrounding ocean. [6][7]

Adventurous Getaways for Couples

Sedona, Arizona

Adventurous souls should head straight into the red-rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona. For couples eager to get outdoors, there are more than enough adventures to keep you both energized.

Sedona is a hiking mecca, with trails turning through the epic canyons and hills for miles around. It’s also a world-renowned mountain biking destination, for couples who shred together.

Visit the many energy Vortexes around the city, align your chakras, and drink in every single breathtaking sunset together. If you are looking to find a deeper connection, head to one of the many retreats in the area including Sedona Soul Adventures. [8][9]

Whistler, British Columbia

Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall, there is literally no wrong season for visiting one of the most famous ski resorts on the planet. Go on a grizzly bear viewing adventure in Spring, go hiking and mountain biking in Summer, bungee jumping in Fall, and of course skiing in Winter. Whistler is teaming activities for the active-couple.

Whistler makes an epic and adventurous destination for couples who spend more time outdoors than inside. There are quite possibly too many unforgettable experiences and too little time to cram them all in.

From the top of Whistler mountain to the quaint Village, and the lakes and forest trails surrounding it all – you and your partner won’t have any trouble finding something exciting to do. [10]

Queenstown, New Zealand

Adventurous couples inevitably find themselves dreaming about New Zealand. But how do you choose where to start? We suggest Queenstown, the epicenter of activity, but not without a dash of class

If you travel all the way to New Zealand, you must include at least a few adrenaline-pumping activities the country is so known for. Nothing brings a couple closer than a shot of grand adventure.

While skydiving over the city of Queensland is one of the top activities in the area, you can also find slightly less nerve-wracking ones. Take in the stars of the Southern hemisphere with Skyline, or go on a backcountry horseback expedition.[11][12]

Shoestring Getaways for Couples

Wine Country, Anywhere!

You may be asking, how can a couples getaway to wine country be affordable? Take a detour to a wine country near you. No need to fly to Napa, or Spain on a whirlwind wine-filled trip with your loved one – take the weekend, and hit the road to somewhere closer.

These days, there are vineyards from beautiful British Columbia, down through Oregon, and of course all over California. Texas and Virginia, and New York state, all have a region dedicated to grape growing.

Many areas offer bike rentals, which means you can lazily peddle between wineries, learning, and sampling along the way. There are almost always budget accommodations if you head off-vineyard. Stay down the street, maybe at a motel, and save your dollars for a nice bottle of red.

Camping, Anywhere!

Hit the road and find somewhere beautiful to pitch a tent. State parks or secluded lakes, all make for an intimate experience. Imagine cuddling around a campfire under a sleeping bag, or spending a lazy morning cooking up a camp breakfast.

Set the mood at night with a nice meal cooked together, including a bottle of red wine or champagne. Bring candles or battery-powered fairy lights to guarantee a romantic ambiance. Check weather conditions in advance, to make sure you both are prepared for the conditions and don’t forget the bug spray!

Don’t have camping gear? Companies like REI rent camping gear for an affordable price. If either of you isn’t up for a full-blown tent adventure, there are also many places which rent yurts or go glamping.

Staycation, Your Hometown

The hottest destination these days may be the Staycation. By sticking close to home, and exploring your hometown, you both can avoid the stress of travel, save a few pennies, and still discover new places together.

Find a deal at a local hotel, build a must-do itinerary, and pretend to be a tourist for a weekend. Go to the top-rated food trucks, take a hike in a regional park, and just sleep in and forget about dishes. Spending time together, no matter where you are strengthens the relationship. Plus, you might find a few new hometown adventure worth repeating.

Romantic Vacations for Couples

Charleston, South Carolina couples who enjoy learning about history, and experiencing new cultural traditions – Charleston is a destination to keep in mind. Many of the cities activities seem almost designed to bring a couple closer together.

There is the famous carriage rides through the city streets to learn about the history of the area, or the sunset schooner trip on a replica 18th-century sailing ship. Even a picnic lunch under some of the cities ancient oak trees is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your significant other.

Charleston may be off the beaten path when it comes to more-traditional couples vacations, but that only means you’ll have more time to spend together. There may be fewer line ups, but we’d argue no less romance than Paris, France. [13][14]

Aspen, Colorado

Some say that couples who ski together, stay together. Heading up into the mountains of Colorado for a ski trip is one of the ways to keep the romance alive and well. Aspen is not only one of the best ski resorts on the planet; it is designed with a cozy atmosphere in mind.

From quiet snowy nights spent around the fireplace to dinner at one of the best restaurants in the country, to a couples massage after a day on the slopes, Aspen has a lot of offer couples. Even if you don’t ski, you may be surprised at the many-off mountain activities the town has to offer.

Rome, Italy

Italy has romance pumping through its veins. Every street, every historical monument, and every meal is dripping with it. Couples from around the world have made this a romantic getaway for decades, and there is no better time than 2019 to check this off your couples-bucket list.

Watch the sunset from the historic Spanish Steps, be that cute couple buzzing along cobblestones on a rented Vespa, or wander around soaking it all up. It’s hard not to reignite the spark while traveling in this ancient city.

Foodie Focused Getaways for Couples

New York, New York

New York is a remarkable experience for a couple with food on the mind. From fresh pizza to all-American cafes to the best hot dog stalls on the planet. There is a reason why the Food Network spends so much time in New York, the sheer diversity of the menu!

Be sure to plan an itinerary in advance, as you may have to make reservations months before arrival to guarantee you get into your must-try restaurants. Another option for your couples foodie-centered getaway in New York is to take a couple cooking class together. Bring those skills home with you, and spice up your weekday dinners. [15]

Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca City is the capital of the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Its small downtown core is all colonial-era buildings and cobblestone streets. For foodies, it is a mecca of Mexican culture. Oaxaca state is the birthplace of Mezcal, the home of mole, and a hub for chocolate.

If you and your partner love to explore, spend a day wandering the stalls of the many local markets. The locals love to give samples and explain their wares.

Take a stroll down to the Zocalo, the main town square one evening. It is always filled with a lively atmosphere, cute cafes, and romance. If you really want to elevate your foodie experience, make reservations at the city’s top restaurant – Criollo. It’s an experience to remember.[16]

Bangkok, Thailand

If you’ve got a little longer, and want to head somewhere slightly more adventurous, take a two week trip to Bangkok. It is a city teeming with people, markets, and food. If you and your spouse love to try one of everything – this Thai city will satisfy your cravings.

While there are unlimited historical, cultural, and religious destinations within city limits, the primary place for foodies is the Chittagong market.  Get lost in the maze of vendors, all while munching on delicious street food.

Don’t be afraid to eat where the locals eat, it makes for a great adventure – and you might stumble on a hidden gem. If the local restaurant of food stall looks busy, that’s an excellent sign! Bangkok is a couples’ dream destination foodie exploration.

Have any of these places ignited your sense of adventure? Take a break this year with your partner, for either a quick weekend trip or a month-long road trip. As the US Travel Association survey showed, traveling together deepens the strength of a relationship, improves the sexual connection between two people, and generally makes for a happier relationship.


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