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I've made every decision with the support of my parents, except career. How do I convince them to support me, now?

asked Jan 18, 2017
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I understand you may not be feeling too great about this sudden change.
You were used to having them support your every decision up until now and now that you are making your own decisions without their “consent,” it feels off and uncomfortable to you because this is yet unfamiliar territory to you. When they were helping you, you may have felt much more secure, that this “together made decision” must only lead to great things; it was after all done with adults who had so much more experience than you had.

This is something that has helped you be who and where you are today for the good and the seemingly bad.

Well, congratulations! Let me reassure you, this is in fact really great news for you! You are finally stepping into your own natural freedom!

There is no need to convince your parents or anyone else of the choices that you feel are right for you and truly resonate with you.

As long as:
~ you agree with your own choices
~understand why you are making them
~make sure the choices you make are being made from a healthy place within you (ex: in order to feel the positive feelings you’d like to be feeling now and in the future and NOT from “I will show them I was right, I will prove them wrong”)

If you would like to get a better understanding about this specific question you asked and also how this may be affecting other areas of your life, please feel free to contact me for a free 30-minute session.
I would love to hear from and about you!
Jan 18, 2017
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