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How can I be a better relationship partner to my husband?

asked Jan 18, 2017
5210 PointsGold
It all starts with the kind of relationship you have and are continuously building with yourself.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Do you have the desire to do so? Are you patient with yourself? Do you allow yourself to go at a pace that really feels right for you or do you push yourself too hard? Are you taking interest in what you do, big and small things? Are you noticing the progress you’ve made thus far? Are you complimenting yourself? Are you giving yourself the credit you would like to be giving your spouse or the gratitude you’d like to express towards him?  

These are some of the questions that if you allow yourself to answer, may help you recognize in which areas you haven’t been treating yourself as well as you could and would like to treat yourself better. What happens after we first treat ourselves in the way we would like to treat other people (or we would like them to treat us), is that we begin to feel really good inside and our motivation, dedication and willingness rise.

If you would like to have a free 30-minute session with me to understand more of how you can be the kind of relationship partner you would like to be to yourself, your husband and in any other relationship really, contact me so we can get you started building the best kind of relationships you've had yet!
Jan 18, 2017
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