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How do I know if the path I am going down is the right one for me?

asked Jan 18, 2017
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I know how you feel. The good news is you have so many options and possibilities. I would like you to ask yourself some questions now to help give you some clarity.

Firstly, are you finding that you’re surrounded by arguments or clear and positive conversations? Are you feeling happy on a day to day basis? Do you feel like you’re growing in your life? Are you in a career that you are passionate about? Are you in a relationship with yourself that you love? So now a lot of thoughts will come up as a result of these questions.

Quick steps to know if you’re on the path you would like to be on:

1. Fast forward in your mind ten years from now. Ask yourself what feelings you would like to feel at this point in a career, a relationship, and your life in general. You can use some physical suggestions to stir up feelings. Picture your relationship with yourself, career, life and income.

2. Next rewind back to now and ask yourself if the career that you are in now matches up with the feelings you would like to be feeling. You will get a yes (feels good) or no (doesn’t feel good) response. Ask yourself if the relationship that you are in now with yourself matches up with the feelings you would like to ideally be feeling in a relationship.

Contact me if you would like to go into more depth to get greater clarity about whether or not you are going down the right path for you.
Jan 18, 2017
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