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I have achieved all my goals but I have run out of ideas as to what comes next. What do I do now?

asked Jan 18, 2017
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That’s a great question! Congratulations on achieving your goals thus far. The next step would be to step into some very clear feeling destinations for five or ten years from now in regard to how you would like to be feeling in the ideal in your life. Then, you can present some specific physical suggestions for what to do now to see if they match up with the feelings. You are basically checking with yourself to see if something would feel good or not good for you to do now. Once you step into what you’d like to feel, let life help you in coming up with suggestions for your next goals, and check with yourself to see if each would feel good or not good for you to act on.

Contact me to help you plan your next set of goals in your life!
Jan 18, 2017
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This is a common thing to happen when we get to a final point in achieving our goals.  We have to learn again how to live without following the steps of our target or plan another future goals.  Maybe the goals we had had little do do with what we imagined, maybe we have difficulties in let us enjoy the present moment or maybe  we are a very active person that needs constant challenges in his life. Discover what to do next may be your next big goal.  A  no goal period, dedicated just to find out what do you appreciate more and what do you like to do in the near future could help you get to know yourself better and decide your next journey.
Mar 30, 2019
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If you feel you have achieved all of your goals and have run out of fresh ideas, well done, this is great!

It means you are ready to step onto a new level. You are ready to tap into your creative power and harness it in a way that brings you closer to your life's purpose. You can begin to create beyond the conscious mind and tap into your potential. We are infinite, creative beings and there is always more we can be and become.
This is great when we approach it from a place of nurturing and self love. Celebrating who we are in the moment whilst more consciously harnessing our real power, so we learn to be and create on new levels.
If you are wondering what your next step should be and are looking for a renewed sense of direction and purpose, the answer is already within you, waiting to be discovered. Your energy will show you the way forward in this very moment. It will already be planting new roots. To learn how to step up onto this new platform, please contact for an appointment. Specialising as an energetic life coach, I am happy to help!
Jan 19, 2017
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