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How can I motivate myself?

asked Jan 18, 2017
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Great question! It starts with knowing where you are going in your life. It is about being on the road that you would like to be going down. Motivation comes from being energized and excited with what you are doing in your life.

Quick steps to motivate yourself in a positive way:

1. Step into really clear goals for yourself—the feelings you would be feeling once the goal has already been reached in your life.

2. Present suggestions to yourself regarding what actions might feel good to do now in line with the feeling goals you stepped into.

Contact me to help you set personal goals in your life so you are motivated to take action in the the direction you would like to be headed.
Jan 18, 2017
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The biggest way to motivate yourself is to act immediately. Do not wait because the more time passes the less momentum you will have.

Why: Figure out why you want to do whatever it is you want to do.

Pain Point: What would be the worst possible thing that would happen if you did not take action?

Typically motivation comes when the pain of a situation is too much for a person to handle and they can no longer live with the way things are going, which forces them to make a change.
Jan 22, 2017
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