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What is the best way to plan a schedule?

asked Jan 18, 2017
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What a great question! The best way to plan a schedule is to do it from a place of being unattached to certain things taking place and to focus instead on the ultimate feelings you would like to be feeling getting into bed that night. So it is time put away your “to do list” and ask yourself what feelings would you like to be feeling about how your day went. From that place, suggest physical things, and if it feels good to do that specific thing then do it.

It is best to be present to yourself so you do what feels right in the moment. This way of planning a schedule is very beneficial because you are coming from a place of working with your whole self to plan your schedule.

Contact me to help you plan your personal schedule in your life!
Jan 18, 2017
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Great question.  I have a unique perspective on planning a schedule. As a business coach, we need to understand how managing behavior and priorities are essential to success. Since we are unable to manage time because it is a constant, we need to be intentional on how we spend our time each day. Time is like a coin. Either we choose how to spend it or someone else will.

The question that needs to be asked: " Am I doing the most important thing right now what will move me toward my goals?"

When we make our schedule, I have found one of the best techniques is to use "Blocking". This technique will allow us to do the most important thing.  The blocks could consist of things such as:

* Prospecting
* Sales Appointments
* Workouts
* Family Time
* Meetings

The list can be as comprehensive as you feel necessary. This will allow you to be focused and clear on what time you have available and are unavailable. This also will allow us to know what we can add or subtract based on our personal and professional decisions based on the question, " Is what I am doing Right now, what I should be doing right now to help me attain my goals?"

Next, we focus on our list of things to-do. We all are familiar with lists and have different perspectives and opinions about the ways we use them.  When we develop our list, we focus on what is the most important thing to do based on consequences. This is a very powerful technique.  When we use our effective system, we generally can eliminate 70-80% what what we believed what was important. I understand, when you read this your first thought was "IMPOSSIBLE", or in my situation, that can't happen because "everything is important", or " Tell me more!". I understand because when I was first introduced to this concept, I thought the same thing.  It is a mindset change. When we change our paradigm, it can decrease stress, anxiety, and change your life.  

We have done great things with our clients with priority management. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me. I look forward to speaking with you.
Feb 18, 2017
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