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How can I deal with all the stress I feel in my life?

asked Sep 8, 2017
9140 PointsGold
Living with stress can be overwhelming and depressing.

The first step is realizing that the stress can come from many areas and not just one. There are many things in our daily lives that contribute to the stress we feel. Take time to identify what is causing the stress. As you determine where the stress is coming from consider the food you eat, your exercise routine, your thoughts, your sleep and your time outside.

If you would like help determining where the stress is coming from and get back into balance, contact me and we can work together.
Sep 8, 2017
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170 PointsSilver
Many people, especially women, find themselves stressed out by the many demands put upon them. In reality, they are often stressed by the "guilt" they feel in not being able to meet others' demands. The answer to reducing stress in this case is counter-intuitive because it may be time to reassess your priorities. Identify what must be done and what is actually someone else's wish from you. Be sure you put your own needs in that list and decide to take care of yourself before meeting the optional items. Then allow yourself to bypass others' demands without guilt. You're not God and cannot be expected to be perfect and fix everything for everyone. Nobody else is that good and neither will you be able to accomplish 60 hours of care in a 24 hour day. Leave your guilt behind and be pleased with all you do.
Sep 11, 2017
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