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I get things done but it's still sort of a mess when I do. Please, help me get organized.

asked Oct 31, 2017
15520 PointsGold
Here are some tips to get more organized and more done.

- Plan your day the night before
When creating a schedule for the next day it relieves stress and gives you more clarity.

- Schedule in your time
Make time in your calendar to do the things you want to get done.

- Get up early
You have a clearer mind when you wake up earlier and there are less distractions and phone calls in the morning.

- Organize in folders
Use notes, folders, or google docs to organize information better.
- Do your most productive work when you are most alert
Whether you are a morning or night person find when you get the best ideas and are the most alert for productivity.

- Work uninterrupted
Blot out time in your calendar where you do nothing else, but the task at hand. No phone calls. No person interupting you. No distractions.
Oct 31, 2017
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