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How can I be more positive and happy?

asked Nov 10, 2017
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1. Decide to focus on the positives and focus on what is working and not what isn't. The more you focus on the negative’s, the more upset you will become.

2. Decide to become curious instead of judgemental. Stop judging yourself and others.  Judgment comes from negativity. Instead ask yourself, how an I help this person?

3. Give. Give compliments. Give others your smile; it is public property because everyone sees it. Make other people happy. The more you give to others, the happier you will be.

4. Stop trying to be perfect. If you keep trying to be perfect, you won’t get anything done. Don’t worry so much and just do the best you can. No one is perfect. We are human beings. Perfection is not real.

5. Work on appreciation. The more you appreciate others and the world around you, the happier you will be and the more positive you will be. Appreciate all the gifts that G0D gives you. Appreciate all the things that other people do for you. Having gratitude is huge for a positive mindset.

Your expectations equal the  quality of your life. Change your expectations for appreciation.

We get what we tolerate. Do not tolerate negativity, negative actions, or negative thoughts. Let them go and let the positivity flow.

You can change your state by getting out of your head and getting into your body. Smile and choose to be positive and happy. It is just a choice and you can change your state and emotions in a second if you choose to.
Nov 10, 2017
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Have you looked into DBT or mindfulness techniques. Sometimes acknowledging and being mindful of both your negative and positive thoughts/feelings/sensations/etc, is the first step to making lasting change. Most importantly, when you notice yourself thinking negative or feeling unhappy, try not to place judgment on or criticize yourself for thinking or feeling in such a manner. Instead, try acknowledging the present thought or emotion before judging or trying to change it.
Jun 16, 2018
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