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How do I choose a good therapist?

asked Nov 11, 2017
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Things to look for:

1)    Licensed— regulated by a larger governing organizations and your residential state
2)    Listener—pay attention you can tell when someone is listening.
a.    Note: If she/he talks a lot then be concerned if she/he is listening well.
b. If he/she seems to be anticipating your comments then most likely the next comment is not about what you are just said but about what
3)    Thoughtful Offering—not telling you what to do but asking you powerful questions to help you decide what is best for you to do—this empowers you. Unless you want to spend your life with someone else always in your business--telling you what they think is best for you.
4)    Respectful—Non-judgmental, allowing you to say whatever you want to say without censoring or correcting. The therapeutic relationship should feel safe, sort of like being in your mother’s or father's arms.

There are lots of person-centered characteristics that good therapists exhibit. The ones I'm suggesting are very basic behaviors. The key, in any case, is that you feel comfortable and safe. Remember you are interviewing her/him as much as they are interviewing you--so pay attention.  You are shopping for a good fit for your needs.
Nov 11, 2017
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