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How can I stop feeling alone?

asked Jan 25, 2017
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There may be times in our lives when we feel we are completely alone and thoroughly misunderstood. These feelings are magnified during times of hardship, personal loss or persistent sadness.   Feelings arise from our thoughts. Our thoughts arise from the "glasses" we use to view the world. Thus, our perception of life is an inside job. Each of us has our very own individual perceptions. Sometimes our thoughts are aligned with circumstances. For example, if a loved one dies, it is appropriate to have feelings of loss as we struggle to comprehend how life will be without them. Those thoughts generally pass as we accept what is and how finite human life really is.

It may seem that our circumstances cause the feelings we experience, but it is important to realize that this belief is a not accurate. External events have no special powers to cause feelings in anyone. No matter how wonderful or how heinous an event may be, it simply cannot cause a specific feeling in anyone.

As each of us gain a deeper understanding of how thoughts create feelings and how we only feel our thoughts about certain events, we would be better equipped to allow negative thoughts to pass through us without letting it take us over. It is our innate guidance system that leads to the understanding that we are connected to one another. Every living thing has its own unique version of life, which bounds it to others, each with purpose and great significance. None of us is insignificant, no matter how great or small.
None of us is truly alone, even though it may seem so during our darkest nights. We are all connected, each of us possessing an important piece of a greater whole. It is when we become stuck in the misunderstanding that we are alone, that feelings of isolation and sadness overwhelm us. While we all will experience disappointment, loss, and grief in our lives, if we remain present in life around us, we will find the resilience and clarity to press on.
Jan 25, 2017
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I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling alone.  Loneliness is such a terrible feeling.  The good news is that you have complete control over how you feel. That means, it is possible to change what you’ve been feeling by changing your thoughts.  

If you want to feel connected, imagine what this would feel like and step into these feelings. Decide that you are not lonely and acknowledge your relationships.  Consider what it would feel like if you had the best company all the time. What would you do then? Do this with yourself, and the company will follow because you started with yourself.

If you’d like help creating an experience of connecting and belonging, contact me and we’ll begin shifting your experience right away.
Jan 29, 2017
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I’m sorry that you’re feeling alone. I want to note that feeling alone is how your internal guidance system is responds based on how you relate to yourself. If your relationship with yourself isn’t in good shape, no matter where you go or who you’re with, you will feel alone the moment they leave your presence.

The first step is to address this is to start keeping yourself company. Create a friend in you, so you will always have good company. Do things that you love to do. Initiate the types of conversations with yourself that you would like to see reflected in the world around you. Focus on the feelings of what it would be like in a whole relationship with the best company at all times…maybe you’re feeling free, comfortable, heard, listened to, that you are in this incredible relationship with constant communication.

The first step to shifting your internal dynamic, try apologizing to yourself for having made yourself feel alone. Next, let your internal guidance system know how you would like to feel going forward in your relationship with yourself.   For further help creating a relationship with yourself where you don't feel lonely, contact me.  I can help you get on the path of finding the best company in yourself.
Jan 30, 2017
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Start going to places where there are people who are like minded to you. Talk to people that are around the places you would like to go.

Call up people like friends and family that you have not spoken to in a while.

Try to become present by focusing on your breathe instead of thinking in your head.

Do something fun thay you enjoy.
Jan 25, 2017
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