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What can I do to feel happy?

asked Jan 25, 2017
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We come into this world completely free from contaminated thoughts, without possessing a dark view of the world. We have to be taught to be unhappy, pessimistic, fearful, and filled with hate. Just observe any young child playing. In spite of their surroundings, they are resilient and live completely present in any given moment, without a single care for the past or the future. As time passes, little by little our thoughts take us further and further away from who we really are: resilient, happy, calm, and possessing innately the ability to know at any given moment what is the right decision for our life at any given moment, then the next and the next.

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us begin to believe that it is circumstances outside of ourselves that control our emotions...

"He makes me happy..."

"She makes me so angry..."

"He completes me..."

"If I only had a million dollars, I could..."

What we often fail to realize is that circumstances do not have any power to control our inner, core self unless we surrender our thinking to them. What that means is, while we simply cannot control circumstances no more than we can control a violent storm, we CAN understand that we have all the power within us to remain calm until it passes. Understanding this is a power beyond all others.

Life really works from the inside->out, not the outside->in.

Whenever you feel like circumstances are taking over your life, well-being, and clarity of thought, take a moment to remember who you are. In that moment of pause, realize that your anxiety over circumstances is only thought. No storm lasts forever and it will pass. As you remain calm, your innate resilience will carry you through anything, safeguarding the happiness, calm, and peacefulness within you as the storm rages outside of you.

Happiness is who you are at your core. Search within and you will find it there waiting patiently for you as you remember who you really are. Happiness is already there.
Jan 25, 2017
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