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What can I do to find out who I am meant to be?

asked Jan 25, 2017
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What we are meant to be, is to be ourselves.

We arrive into this world free of any expectations or overcome with any disappointments. We live entirely in the present, filled with awe and wonder at everything. We laugh, we cry, we fall down, we get up, and we keep exploring. We are genuine in our interactions and express our feelings freely as our thoughts arise.

Somewhere along the line during those early years, we begin to doubt ourselves. Our inner self becomes suppressed by contaminated thoughts about who we are. Memories of words that we have heard from people we love and trust, begin to color who we think we are.

"You can't do that"

"You are dumb"

"You are ugly"

"You are pathetic"

"You don't belong here"

"You are never going to amount to anything"

"You are....."

That is the moment that we sacrifice who we are, seeing ourselves through the lens of how others judge us, not by who we really are. We begin to mold our lives to the expectations and opinions of others, seeking approval. We see the world from an outside-in perspective and lose our innate, inside-out perspective. Our compass is lost.

Depression arises as we fixate upon undoing past events (If only...things would be different). Anxiety pours over us as we allow our thoughts to dwell on future scenarios that have not even occurred yet and may not ever happen (I'll be happy when....). We plan and plan and are disappointed over and over again. The present is obscured by past and future longings. We have lost our grounding.

What can we do to find ourselves again?

Who you really are is that child you once were, filled with wonder and imagination, creative, playful, and happy. There are moments when you briefly remember seeing life as a child sees. Who you really are is still there inside of you, waiting for you to come home. As you grow to appreciate that life only works to your benefit when you view it from an inside-out perspective and cease permitting your thoughts to take form with an outside-in perspective, you will connect with who you really are once again.

It takes great courage to be your authentic self; to march to the beat of your own unique drum. Being who others think you should be, will never bring you happiness. Through silent reflection, free of distractions and noise, you can find what you have been searching for your entire life.... you will find yourself again. Being your authentic self once again, will be the most defining moment of your life. That is where you will find all of the happiness you seek, waiting to break free from the inside-out.
Jan 25, 2017
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