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How do I stop dwelling in the past?

asked Jan 25, 2017
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Most of us live our lives seeking to be anywhere other than where we are at this very moment.  We reminisce about the past, longing to repair what can never be undone and conversely, we direct our lives toward a world of fantasy about the future, setting our sites on the notion of “I will be happy when….” .

In doing so, we miss out on the only place where life really occurs, which is the present moment. It is within the present moment of our life that we discover the true magic of living, loving, and this amazing gift of life. Every being is hard-wired with an innate guidance system that allows us to navigate life with resilience and specific direction about what the best choice is for us at any given moment. When we direct our thoughts into the past or future, which is a world of illusion compared to the present, we get off course and miss out on the lessons life is trying to teach us in that very moment… a moment that will never be repeated.

While it is comforting to recall fond memories and to consider future possibilities, this can also keep sad memories alive and create stressful thinking about possible future scenarios. When these feelings come, recognize them for what they are: they are only thoughts, and thoughts have no power over you unless you entertain them and allow them to grow into actions. If you recognize what is happening and pause for just a moment, new thoughts will arise and you can then be free to enjoy this moment, the moment where life is actually happening.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments”- Rose Kennedy
Jan 25, 2017
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Life is in the present moment.

In order to get out of the past, you have to become present.

Get out of your head. Stop thinking and start breathing.

Do an activity that forces you to get out of your head like basketball or working out. Whatever works for you.

When having a conversation with someone, really listen to what they are saying and shut off your thinking.
Jan 25, 2017
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