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How does one not allow his or her past to get in the way of a healthy future?

asked Feb 1, 2018
320 PointsSilver
We are created by our past so I am not so sure framing the question as is can give such an easy answer. Consider how can I learn from my past experiences so I choose healthier ways of experiencing the world and others.  The past doesn't get in the way of the future, your thinking of it or judging it does. We are raised with ideas, philosophies and cultural beliefs that effect how we see the world. If we are not delighted by a past experience, we can look into how it was created, what we did or believed to support it and then rework our way to handle it differently. Trial and error is the way we learn. Looking at ways of being that did not work out as we wanted is how we redirect for greater experience the next time. This is not bad or wrong, it is all just learning.

I find that as I consider what I want, I have learned a lot of what I don't want through this process of trial and error. My miss takes on things, actually support me toward a healthy future. I know what I don't want and I learn what in me works against me getting the things I desire. If we continually work toward a positive direction, our past ideas or situations may come up in the questing and we review it then and there to see how we need to look at life differently to get our desires fulfilled. I don't recommend going into the past unless  it comes up as you are journeying in life.  We can clear the past and reorder how we see the world today and each day as it appears on our way.

Seeing the past as the gift of learning it is, finding what silver linings or gems of wisdom we have gathered and applying that to each day is how to create a healthy future. Awareness is key. Our past is not our enemy and doesn't create anything in the future. Being unaware of ourselves, our wishes and our patterns we are doing is what creates the same things forward. Eventually, we learn anyway so the past is actually a gift that provides awareness and self development. Using that gift in the present when it comes up is how to create a healthy future. And thank your past for all it offered you. "Save your receipts" so to speak. So when something you have done before that had a less exciting outcome, you can say, been there done that! Wisely you can  step in another direction  with a sweet smile on your face for you payed attention, are creating a healthy future and onward you go.
Feb 1, 2018
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3250 PointsGold
Each and every one of us is like diamonds, our past experiences are what makes us valuable and gives us our unique characteristics.
Feb 14, 2018
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