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How can I help a young adult become more assertive?

asked Mar 23, 2018
360 PointsSilver
I find that when an individual is centered in who they are, what they believe, their morals, values, standards and why, it enables them to feel much more confident and secure in their boundaries and self respect which in turn makes it comfortable to assert themselves.  Helping a young adult (or any individual at any age) discover who they are, what their values are, help them realize what matters most and with that information they will have a stronger desire to move toward things that are in alignment and further from things that are not.  
I have a short online course on the topic of values called True Happiness.  I've been offering it for free this week and I'm happy to send you an invite if you would like to check it out.
Mar 24, 2018
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2760 PointsGold
Teach the young adult to express him/herself using assertive skills.  This means they choose the most appropriate words  in order to get their point across.  When they are being assertive, they do not compromise their integrity and they send the message that they want to be respected.  

Remember, with assertiveness, being forthright, always takes into account the feelings of the other person.

Assertive communication is part of being a good communicator. And good communication always improves connection, builds trust and enhances the relationship.  However, if communication is poor, it can do just the opposite -- and destroy the foundation that holds a relationship together. Indeed, your goal in helping young adults be more assertive is to be sure their skills are effective, practiced and used when it is appropriate and necessary!
Apr 19, 2018
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