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What is Therapy?

..And how will I know it's time to go?
asked Apr 13
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Wonderful question!!!
If you broke down the word "therapy" you will find the word "heal". So essentially, to get therapy (of any kind) is to seek healing.  The kind of therapy that you're seeking on the site is essentially "talk therapy" or healing through talking.  We have therapists from several different training or philosophical perspectives on our platform. BUT, the one thing we all have in common is that we want to help our clients "heal" mental and/or emotional pains.

What's in a Name?
You should also know that while we use different words to describe our specific professional training such as  Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist,  Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, or Psychiatrist we will all (most often) answer to the single name "psychotherapist." By the way,  the first part of the word "psycho" means "soul" and the second part, "therapy" mean "to heal." The parts together literally means "to heal the soul." Beautiful," isn't it?

Second Part of Your Question: When to seek help?
You know you need to seek a psychotherapist when you have tried EVERYTHING else--talking to your closest friends, parents, siblings and/or grandparents; watching talk shows; and consulting with your priest, rabbi, or preacher; reading books on related topics; watching videos and listening to audio programming AND nothing has worked.

 So, shop around and you'll see different therapists with different titles. Read the profiles, Study the photos then listen to yourself when you find the professional that seems to speak to your specific need for healing. That's the one! Be well.
Apr 13
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For most people, the idea of seeking professional counseling/coaching is likely to be very intimidating and even unsettling.  But if your problems are severe, have persisted for some time, or your personal efforts have been ineffective, it is advisable and advantageous to seek professional help.

How do you know you need help?  Here are 7 major symptoms that are usually a signal you need professional guidance..

1.    Your thoughts are confused and unreasonable: excessive panic, anxiety, fear, or an inability to cope with daily activities like, work, family or personal care.
2.    Prolonged depression, sadness or apathy, specifically feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or loss of pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy.
3.    Excessive anger / hostility or wide mood swings that result in erratic behavior or thoughts.
4.    Marked changes in eating (binging or purging) or sleeping patterns (difficulty falling or staying asleep).
5.    Alcohol or drug use that is affecting job performance, your personal or professional relationships or health.
6.    Struggling with changes in your life like divorce, death or change in lifestyle due to illness.
7.  Difficulty making decisions

Every day, some form of counseling makes a difference in the lives of people, young and old.   A trained coach/ therapist can help you begin the process of deepening your insights, coping with challenges and creating a happier, more fulfilled life.
Apr 19
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