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Why would I see a therapist online?

asked Apr 13
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Well, there are a number of reasons that you MIGHT seek therapy on the internet.
 I'll list them below.  I'll start with personal reasons then I'll share some professional reasons why.
Then you think about what makes sense to you and make your decision.
Personal Reasons:
1)  You may to too shy (or embarrassed ) to share with a professional face-to-face
2) You can see a therapist  using only audio, so the won't see you. Say if you are sensitive about your appearance--swollen jaw or something. Or,  you have  some other physical disability that makes leaving your home too much trouble.
3) You don't or can't drive or don't have transportation.
4 ) It's convenient and private--if you don't want anyone to know--no one will see you going or coming.
5) If you want to see your therapist and be seen by her or him then you can use your video capabilities.
So you have choices  based on your personal needs. I'm sure there are more but his is just to get you thinking.

Professional Reasons
1)  Transparency: profiles of ACTUAL professionals (not models!) are listed with REAL FACTS about each one. So you can read about the therapists or coaches yourself and see their credentials  to make a firsthand decision about who they are and what each one stands for.
2) Cost: Like most things online, it's cost effective. But don't get it twisted--it's not cheap advise!
3).  Training: professionals are well trained, degreed, licensed and/or certified in specific areas of expertise.
4) Real Testimonies: The testimonies that you see on our site are FIRST-PERSON COMMENTS from our clients. Again, we want you to know the quality of our work.
5) Money-back guarantee: What else is there to say except: "You have nothing to lose, except the problem you bring to your fabulous online therapy session :).
Apr 13
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