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How can I increase my confidence in myself?

asked Jan 27, 2017
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This is a great question.  It’s terrible when you don’t feel confident in yourself.  It can feel like you just want to shrink amidst the fear when what you really want to feel is like you can expand and take on everything that life can offer you.

So how can you increase your confidence in yourself?

The secret to accomplishing this is to recognize that it is actually your internal guidance that is not confident…and it’s not confident because it hasn’t been successfully getting your attention.  

Whenever you focus on experiences that you don’t want and act from this negative feeling place, you are not working with your internal guidance.  When you focus on what you don’t want, plugging an undesirable destination into your internal GPS, you are inclined to ignore, dismiss, and tune out your internal GPS’s directions.  When you do this, it does not feel confident in doing its job, in directing you, in being your partner in the creation of your life.  

Further, by not listening to your own internal GPS, you suggest a lack of confidence in it.  But this lack of confidence is born of your not focusing on what you want in the first place.  Because your internal GPS will always faithfully guide you to what you’re focusing on, and if you focus on where you don’t want to go, you leave your GPS wondering why it can’t do anything right or well enough, or why it isn’t attractive enough, etc., that it isn’t getting your attention to get you to focus on what you actually want and listen to it.

In other words, if you really want to increase your confidence in yourself, focus on what you actually want to experience.  Feel what that feels like.  Be open to the possibility of experiencing what you actually want, and just let yourself feel it now.  

Imagine experiencing what has previously seemed to you to be impossible for you.  Don’t place any limitations on yourself, because you don’t know where your limitations are, so whatever limitations you set will keep you from recognizing what’s actually possible for you, what you’re actually capable of.  Imagine fast-forwarding in time to after whatever you’ve had trouble believing in has already happened, to after it is already your reality.

And when you are open to the possibility of it, and you’re feeling it, ask yourself what feels right from there.  From your future vantage point in your ideal life experience:  What things feel right for you to have pursued?  What actions feel right for you to have taken?  

Make all of your decisions from this place, and your internal GPS will become increasingly confident in getting your attention.  And you will grow increasingly confident in the capability of your internal GPS to direct you toward experiences you actually want to have.  You will feel better about listening to yourself, and when you are working with your GPS, rather than against it, you will recognize that anything and everything you really want truly is possible for you to attain and experience.

If you would like help identifying what you truly want and listening to your own internal guidance so that you can increase your confidence in yourself immeasurably, contact me now for a free session and we’ll get started right away!
Jan 27, 2017
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