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How can I stick to my new year's resolutions, achieve my goals, and make this year better than last year?

asked Jan 4, 2017
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How can you make this year better than any year you’ve ever had before?  How can you ensure that you have the experiences you really want to have this year?  How can you make this year extraordinary?

With the right tools, you can create spectacular experiences in every area of your life in the coming year—in your relationships, career, business, finances, family, and more.

Here are 5 powerful tips to make this year extraordinary:

Tip #1:
Imagine how you’d like to feel one year from now.  

Perhaps you’d like to feel like you accomplished everything you wanted to this year, like you grew a lot in so many ways, like you took big leaps forward in your life, like you’re in an amazing relationship that you love, a career that you’re passionate about, with an abundant income that you can feel proud of.  

Whatever you’d like to feel next year, step into those feelings—just the feelings—as though you’re already there, and make it real for yourself.  

Next, ask yourself what your life might look like a year from now that it’s supporting you in feeling these things.  What’s changed in the last year that led you to this feeling place?  

Then ask yourself what you can do right now that would take you a step in the direction of that being your experience a year from now.

Be sure to step into what you’d like to be feeling daily so you can ensure that all of the actions you take are from this feeling place and so lead to outcomes that support the feelings you actually want to be having.

Tip #2:
Express gratitude and appreciation.

Review the last year up to now in light of where it’s leading you (that positive feeling place you imagined being in in a year from now).  And note the steps you took in the direction that you’d like to be going.  Also note the results you’ve gotten this past year that have been even a tiny bit of what you want.  

Celebrate your successes, no matter how big and small, up to now, and you’ll be motivated to move even further in the direction of everything you want in life in the coming year.

Tip #3:
Apologize to yourself, and forgive.

If any things come to your mind from the last year or before that you’re upset about or that you regret, apologize to yourself, and allow yourself to forgive yourself.

Apologize to yourself with consideration that the world outside you is just a mirror of the world inside you.  All of the experiences you faced with people and circumstances in the last year and before are experiences that you created for yourself first, and then the world came in to support you in feeling those things that you made yourself feel.  So apologize to yourself for making yourself feel those things that are undesirable.

Then, allow yourself to forgive yourself and to forgive the messengers in your life of experiences you created for yourself.  These messengers only showed you how you were treating yourself and making yourself feel.  If you recognize this and then change how you treat yourself and make yourself feel going forward as a result, you’ll be in a much better place in the coming year because of the experiences you faced before now and what you learned from them.

Tip #4:
Let go.

After you apologize to yourself and forgive yourself and the messengers in your life, let go of anything that doesn’t fit the life you want to be living going forward.  

If you drag with you your undesirable experiences from the past with your over-attention to them, you’ll create more of them in the coming year.  

Alternatively, you could leave your past experiences behind you and bring forward only the lessons you learned from them about how you can create better, more desirable and enjoyable experiences for yourself going forward.

Tip #5:
Be open.

Be open to the idea that this coming year could actually be different from all previous years.  No matter how bad or good your previous years have been, your experiences in this coming year could be better, more fulfilling, more inspiring, more exciting, more peaceful, more loving, more enjoyable, more full of life and aliveness than your experiences before now.  

If you are at least open to this idea, you will find that you will become aware of opportunities as they are presented to you that could actually help support you in believing what you were previously merely open to—that you could actually have experiences this year that are better than those in years before now.

Over many years of guiding others, I’ve helped many people create experiences for themselves that are better than any they’d experienced before, using my Life Guidance System.  If you’d like help achieving all of your goals this year and making this year better than last year and any other year before this, contact me for a Free "Make This Year Extraordinary" Session, in which you’ll:

* Get completely clear about what you truly want in the coming year and in your life.

* Become aware of exactly what actually has been holding you back from getting everything you want in your life up until now.

* Leave the session re-energized and inspired, with clarity, direction, and motivation to get everything you want in the coming year.

Ready to achieve all of your goals this year and make this year extraordinary?  Contact me now and let’s get started creating that reality!
Jan 4, 2017
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Getting accountability is honestly the number one thing to help keep you motivated and on track with your goals. I have seen time and time again when I work with people on a consistent basis, they achieve so much of what they want, but once they stop getting coaching and accountability, it falls flat. They lose motivation, they do not make time for their goals, and sometimes even stop thinking about their goals. Most people do not go through with their New Year's resolution, but most people also do not get accountability from a friend or a coach.
Jan 7, 2017
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Hi. First of all, write your goals down in the order you want to achieve them. Lastly, commit to them
Jul 27, 2017
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