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What if I try something new and different and something really bad happens?

asked Jan 30, 2017
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I hear you.  Stepping out of our comfort zones can be one of the hardest and scariest things we can possibly do.  We are inclined to project our worries and fears about the unknown into the realm of everything outside of what we’re familiar with, and then we can turn it into something so scary that it seems much safer and more comfortable just to stick with what we already know.

However, everything we want but don’t already have is on the other side of the boundary of the familiar and known.  So we must choose:  Risk the unknown and potentially get everything we truly want, or stay where we are and guarantee that we’ll never get anything better than what we already have.

So what do we do when our fears come up?  

What if you try something new and different and something really bad happens?

Well, I challenge you to respond to that question with another question:  

What if you try something new and different and something really good happens?  

Would it be worth having tried in that case?

Notice the shift of emotion from one question to the next here.  If we imagine our worries and fears out there in the unknown, then it seems better to stay here and it doesn’t seem worth moving forward.  But if we imagine our greatest desires and dreams out there in the unknown, then it starts to seem better to go than to stay—it actually seems worth moving forward.

The more you imagine what it would feel like if you already did something new and different and it ended up leading to really good outcomes, the less this reality seems unknown and unfamiliar and the more it actually seems like your reality.  Your comfort zone actually expands to include that which you have never yet physically experienced, but have already experienced in your imagination.

So imagine you already tried something new and different and you’re experiencing everything you ideally would want to be experiencing.  What would you feel then?

Perhaps you’d feel happy, accomplished, successful, confident, worth something, valuable, excited, energized, alive, on top of the world, connected, triumphant, amazed, grateful, etc.

Now, from that place where you’ve fast forwarded to later in the movie of your life and you see that everything turns out completely okay—kind of spectacularly amazing, actually…from that feeling place, what feels right?  Does it feel right to try something new and different now?  I’m betting yes.  Maybe not exactly what you were considering, or maybe exactly this, but if you listen to yourself from this “what if the positive” place, you’ll end up in a much better place than you would end up in if you were to continue to stay in the “what if the negative” place that you started in.

If you’d like help challenging your “What if the negative” questions with “What if the positive” questions, and creating the scenario where things are spectacularly amazing later (and very soon) in the movie of your life, contact me now for a free session, and we’ll get started right away.
Jan 30, 2017
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