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I’ve been having debilitating, intense anxiety and fear. What can I do to make it stop?

asked Feb 3, 2017
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I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing this.  We can feel so out of control when we’re feeling things like this.

Fortunately, there is a way to resolve this.  The first step is recognizing what this anxiety and fear actually means.

Anxiety and fear essentially mean that we’ve been focusing on one thing with our attention and then going a completely different direction with our thoughts and actions that can never get us to where we’ve been saying with our attention that we actually want to go.

We all have our own internal GPS system.  When we’re experiencing intense anxiety and fear, this is our GPS saying it’s been recalculating over and over again and we’ve so much been not listening to its directions (based on the destination that we plugged in) that it feels like it has no control and it’s afraid we’re going to drive off a cliff or a bridge or something because we’ve so much been not listening to its directions.

In order to change this, it’s up to us to recognize that we’ve been in the wrong place and doing the wrong thing in terms of being in alignment with ourselves.  We’re somewhere we shouldn’t even be and doing something we shouldn’t even be doing if we were listening to ourselves.

So where have you not been listening to yourself?  Where has it been feeling off or bad or terrible and yet you’ve been continuing to go this direction and keep doing what you’ve been doing anyway?  In what area or areas of your life has this been the case?  With which people, which activities, which actions?

First, imagine what you’d really like to be feeling in your life in a few months or a year, or a few years from now.  And then ask yourself what about your current life (and the people and your behaviors and where you are) doesn’t fit those feelings.  This could be in regard to your career, money, a romantic relationship, your health, family, a living situation, or some other area or combination of these areas.

Once you identify where you have not been listening to yourself, it’s up to you to make a change.  Then you will no longer experience anxiety and fear, because your internal GPS will have no reason to be afraid anymore about where you’re going—since you’re listening to it and making it feel confident that it has a say in your actions and control over its experience.

If you’d like help identifying where you haven’t been listening to your own internal guidance so that you can alleviate and eliminate your anxiety and fear, contact me for a free session.  If you’d like help identifying exactly which changes to make in your life to achieve calm, peace, and control over your experience, and how to go about making these changes with confidence, contact me for a free session.  I’m here and ready to help you!
Feb 3, 2017
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If you are suffering from acute anxiety and fear, your emotional energy will be out of balance. Suppressed emotional material from the past will most likely be attempting to re-surface, whilst aspects of the mind are trying to re-suppress, in order to avoid re-experiencing. What is traumatic to one, is different for another and we each have our own personal limits and ways of coping. These systems often need updating within the psyche.
The body and mind naturally brings suppressed material to the surface to be processed, to maintain homeostasis, for our well-being. When we have chronically suppressed over a period of time, through a pattern of avoidance, or a particular trauma attempts to re-surface, we can fall into avoidance all over again and an internal fight ensues, causing even more anxiety and stress, lowering our coping thresholds yet further.
There are various ways to heal and re-balance without re-traumatising. Through specific energetic techniques, the underlying traumas and fears can be processed safely. By re-instating the body’s natural energy flows that have broken down through patterns of avoidance and emotional fear or stress, we can correct the imbalances, alleviating the symptoms, healing the underlying patterns, as the trauma is safely released. If you would like to explore and understand what is attempting to re-balance in you right now, please contact. As an energetic life coach, I am happy to help.
Feb 3, 2017
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