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I've feel like I'm failing at life. How can I succeed?

asked Jan 4, 2017
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How do you succeed at life?  It can sometimes feel like we’re failing almost no matter what we’re doing.  And there are different ideas about what success even means, so how are we to know what is best?  If we use our feelings as our guides (which we may not be often inclined to do), these questions become easy to answer.

Here are 7 powerful tips to help you succeed at life in a way that you actually feel successful (which ought to be the true goal, ultimately, anyway):

Tip #1:
Identify and focus on what you truly want.  If you think about what you want from success, asking yourself why you want it, this ultimately boils down to a series of feelings.  You want to feel successful, accomplished, proud of what you’ve done, like you’re making progress, like you’re where you want to be, etc.  When you boil what you think you want down to the feelings you truly want, then you can recognize that what you truly want is accessible to you right now.  You can step into that feeling place, be where you truly want to be, and act from this place to actually achieve the things in life that are truly worth succeeding at.  Once you feel what you truly want to feel, you don’t need to work so hard never actually to feel successful.  Instead, you actually get to feel successful every step of the way toward your goals.

Tip #2:
Do what you’re passionate about.  Set goals that excite you, that are important to you, that you care about.  If you’re not passionate about the goals you’re setting for yourself and striving for, then it won’t matter whether you achieve them or not, because you won’t feel successful either way.

Tip #3:
Relax.  If what you truly want is the feeling of being successful, it doesn’t help to be constantly on top of yourself trying to achieve some illusion of tangible success or accomplishment.  You’ll never feel successful if you do this.  So relax, be here and now more, and let yourself be.  You’ll ultimately be much more focused, efficient, and truly productive from this place, anyway.

Tip #4:
Let go.  If you hold onto all of your past “failures”, you’ll constantly be fighting against them and prevent yourself from actually moving toward success.  Where before you have failed, you can now or one day succeed, but only if you let go of the experience of failure and are open to succeeding this time.

Tip #5:
Celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small.  If you don’t celebrate your successes, you’ll never feel successful, and eventually you’ll end up feeling so discouraged from never achieving what you truly want (which is the feeling of being successful), despite all the work you’re putting into this, that you’ll burn out and give up.  If you celebrate your successes, no matter how small they might seem, you’ll actually end up feeling successful.  And the more successful you feel, the more motivated you will be to achieve more—small and big things.  And then the successes pile up and build on themselves and your life supports you in feeling successful.

Tip #6:
Pace yourself.  Remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint.  If you try to rush forward to get somewhere faster, you’ll be sprinting, dropping down exhausted and burnt out, sprinting, dropping down exhausted and burnt out, and so forth, never feeling like you’re actually getting anywhere, and this will be your life.  This is because if you rush, you’re acting from the feeling of not yet being there.  And you can never get to the feeling of being successful, valuable, and important by taking action from the feeling of being a failure who’s trying to achieve something of value and importance.  If you step into what it feels like to be successful, and you therefore already feel successful, you won’t feel the need to rush anything.  You’re already where you want to be, so you don’t need to do anything or get anywhere or make anything happen before you can feel good.  And so you can pace yourself accordingly, finding a rhythm for yourself that works and is sustainable.  This way, you can keep taking steps forward, celebrating your successes, and continually building a life that increasingly supports your already existing feelings of success.

Tip #7:
Be kind to yourself.  If you aren’t kind to yourself, you’ll never feel like you’ve accomplished anything no matter what you do.  So be accepting, be forgiving, be grateful, be appreciative, and ultimately, be kind—to yourself above all.  This way you’ll feel successful no matter what you do or don’t accomplish and you’ll be motivated to keep going and keep striving no matter what happens or what results you do or don’t get.  And so you’ll actually accomplish everything you truly want to, everything that really matters.

Over many years of guiding others, I’ve helped many people succeed in the ways they ultimately truly wanted to be succeeding, using my Life Guidance System.  If you’d like help achieving the kind of success you truly want, contact me for a Free "Genuine Success Now" Session, in which you’ll:

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Jan 4, 2017
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Hi. Life is too unpredictable to always succeed. You are not being realistic ... so try to see that the grass is not always greener
Jul 27, 2017
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