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Why do things always seem to get worse before they get better?

asked Feb 7, 2017
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We essentially all have our own internal GPS system.  When we focus on an experience, this becomes the destination that we are plugging into our GPS to be guided toward.  

When we focus on negative and undesirable experiences in order to fix, change, or avoid them, or we simply try to ignore them after we’ve been focusing on them, we end up guided toward these by our internal GPS.  And then we’re inclined to ignore, dismiss, or tune out our GPS directions as they guide us toward what we don’t want.

When we then decide to change our focus of attention and focus on more positive and desirable experiences and perhaps even take action toward these, our GPS begins to bring up all of our old destinations that are not on the way toward these new ones, and our old ways of treating it when it has tried to give us directions toward what we focused on up until now.  This is so we can redirect these old destinations and reaffirm that, yes, we do want to go to these new destinations in place of the old ones—to where we’re focusing our attention now in place of where we used to be focusing our attention.  And this is also so we can reassure our GPS that this time we’ll actually listen to its directions, unlike before, so it is worth trying to get our attention and give us directions toward these new destinations.

This bringing up of old destinations and old ways of treating our own internal guidance in order to redirect these is why things seem to get worse before they get better.  Every reason you gave yourself not to move forward before will come up once you decide to move forward.  All of the fears you brought about in your GPS by not listening to it and driving erratically through life come up when you decide you actually want to work with your GPS and listen to it so you’re not always trying to get everywhere on your own by sheer force and never actually getting the results you truly intend and want.

You can decide just to stay where you are and never move forward when this happens, but things then only get worse and worse.

However, rest assured knowing that once you move through validating and redirecting old destinations and experiencing what you put your GPS through—how you treated it when it was trying to direct you up to now—you will end up on the other side, experiencing what you actually want to be experiencing.  And it will have been worth continuing forward when things seemed to get worse before they got better.

If you would like help navigating as quickly and smoothly as possible through the time when things are seeming to get worse before they get better, so that you can speedily get to better, contact me for a free session now, and we’ll make this journey as enjoyable as possible.
Feb 7, 2017
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