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Life seems to be such a mixture of good and bad. Is it possible for it to be all good?

asked Feb 12, 2017
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We experience more of whatever we focus our attention on and thereby welcome into our experience.  If you feed thoughts and feelings with the energy of your focused attention, you will find and get more reasons to think and feel these same things and those like them.

Life seems to be a mixture of good and bad when we focus on some things that make us feel good and we also focus on other things that make us feel bad.  When we focus on the things that we want to fix, change, or avoid, rather than focusing on what we would like to encourage more of in place of these, we get more of the things that we want to fix, change, or avoid—and therefore more reasons to feel the need to fix, change, or avoid things.

This is what leads to the bad we perceive in life—the things that we feel ought to be changed.  If we were always to focus on what we actually want to experience, the only bad we would experience would be lingering reflections of what we’ve focused on up to now.  And then we could acknowledge these things, redirect our focus to what we actually want to experience instead of these things going forward, and we would eventually only experience good things.  

Most importantly and specifically, we would only perceive our experiences to be good, and life would support us in seeing things this way as we encourage and build on this good we see with the focus of our attention and energy.

If you would like help experiencing life as all good, and actually shaping your life around this experience, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get started shaping a purely good reality for you right away!
Feb 12, 2017
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