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I have many worries, doubts & concerns (mostly about my future). How do I get rid of these pointless thoughts?

asked Feb 15, 2017
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Yes, these thoughts can really be a pain in the neck, especially when they are constant and you’re not sure how to handle them, but they are definitely not pointless. I have some good news and some “bad” news for you.

Let’s begin with the “bad” news: Worrisome thoughts will continue to show up for you and every other human throughout life.

The good news is that they come and go. They do serve a purpose and that purpose that has nothing to do with your future.  They may guide you towards the life you actually want, so, “getting rid” of them may not be the best idea.

You may be less frightened or have less to worry about if you listen to the message they’re attempting to send to you and then, respond to them. You may even be happy you did!

I would love to help you interpret these bothersome thoughts in a healthy and productive way. Our work together will invite positive thoughts, manifestations and great experiences into your life now and in the future. Contact me soon so we can get started!
Feb 15, 2017
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Great question.  This is an issue that we all deal with. It is amazing your worries, doubts and concerns can cripple us and cause a ripple effect in everything we do.  We need to understand the source.  It is us! We may not want to admit that but, when we think about it, we are the source of our worries, doubts, and concerns. We are the ones in our lives that we speak to the most. It seems very simple, but it is the truth.

First, self-talk or thoughts play a major role in our lives. We have so many thoughts that invade our minds, it can be overwhelming. We have to learn to control our thoughts and choose which ones to dwell on.  In Napoleon Hill's book, "Outwitting the Devil", he uses the illustration of the devil planting a seed.  However, he does not grow the seed.  We are the ones that grow the seeds as we focus on things that cause anxiety, worries, and doubts. It is a very powerful concept. We have to realize that we are in control of what we think about. We can choose what thoughts to dwell on.

Second, self-talk and thoughts will determine our beliefs and feelings. What we believe or feel is a direct result of our thoughts. For example, when we think about a person, over time, our opinion of that person is a direct relation to the thoughts we have about them. We choose to have a positive or negative perspective of that person. When we think about a situation in the past, we often will develop an opinion, which is what we believe or feel about it. What may affect our future, thoughts about future situations which have not taken place. We often will approach or react based on what we have already chosen to believe.

Third, beliefs and feelings guide our actions. Our behavior toward someone or to a situation is a result of what we think or believe. Action will impact a situation as well as those around or associated with it. This could be positive or negative depending on how we approach it.

Fourth, actions will always have a positive outcome. The outcome will always be a positive based on the original thought or self - talk. If we traced our back to the source, we will discover that it is a result of what we said to our self or our thoughts. Although the circumstances may not be what we expected or anticipated, our response to the circumstance is what is important. We are able to handle situations more effectively when we are able to control our thoughts.

We now are in control of our thoughts and are better able to lower our anxieties, doubts and concerns. We are able to control how we respond to circumstances instead of allowing those circumstances to dictate which thoughts we will dwell on.

If you would like to learn more on how to change the mindset, contact me!  My clients have had amazing results using our time honored effective systems and processes.
Feb 18, 2017
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