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How to have the confidence to succeed when people around me tell me that I can't succeed?

asked Feb 18, 2017
26660 PointsGold
" When you actually matter to a person,they'll make time for you. No Lies, No Excuses! "

Don't focus on the people who tell you that " You Can't", focus on the reasons why you can achieve your goals.

There are 4 keys to reaching the success you know you can achieve:

1. Don't allow your thoughts or self-talk be negative.
Although people around us may be nay-Sayers, we can not allow others doubt to impact the confidence we have in ourselves. When I get asked the question, " Are you a half full or a half empty person?" I respond by neither, just add water.  We need to focus on what we need to do to be successful, not the reasons others have to be unsuccessful.

2. Know your thoughts will shape your beliefs and feelings.
The thoughts we focus on will eventually shape our belief system. The reason people do not believe in themselves is because they have listened to themselves. Don't let others opinions infiltrate your mindset when they don't believe you will be successful. When my clients tell me " they hope", i respond by " Please say that again".  They then say " I will".  This is a very important principle.  What the mind thinks, it will conceive.

3. Understand your beliefs and feelings will drive your actions.
Our actions are a result of what we believe. What a person believes will drive their actions. People don't have to tell you what they believe, it is evident in what we see.

4. Realize your actions will always produces a " Successful Outcome".
We will always have a successful outcome. It is a direct result of our original thoughts. If it is negative, often our outcome is negative. If it is positive, it will be a positive outcome.  We can not react to our circumstances. We can not control our circumstances, we can control our attitude, schedule and activity.  

Don't focus on what you can't control, focus on what you can control. Our mindset is our responsibility. When we allow someone to shape our thoughts, we are giving ownership to someone who does not deserve control.  Stay in control. Control your mindset. Your success starts with you.  Make every day Count?

If you are interested in learning more about how to control your mindset and have ownership of your future, Call me!   WE GET RESULTS!
Feb 18, 2017
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360 PointsSilver
From my viewpoint, confidence comes from continually doing what you believe you are the best at.  As you progress, you learn from your mistakes, refine your approach and keep working on it.

This can be somewhat of a journey so it's important to have the drive to want to pursue it.  If you believe that what you are doing is the right direction for you and those around you are telling you, you can't succeed, change your circle of influence!
Feb 21, 2017
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