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How can I do what I want and have my parents support the decisions I make?

I’ve always been doing everything my parents expect of me.
asked Feb 22, 2017
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I hear where you’re coming from.  When you have been living a certain way your whole life, stepping into new territory can feel unfamiliar and scary at first.

I know they are your parents but are they living in your shoes and living your life? A question to ask yourself is, “Do I want to be true to myself?” You see, when you only do things in life because you are told to do them, it’s like you’re letting another person live your life for you.

When you fully align yourself with what you want to do, the world will support you in your choices and decisions. You will suddenly feel as though the whole world is on your side because you are on your thoughts’, feelings’, desires’ and instincts’ side. When you support your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires, you will feel supported in your decisions that you make in your life.

Ok, so you might be thinking, “But what will everyone say about me?” All that is being said is your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires are wondering how you would react to them if they express themselves as they are to you. So turn around to them and reassure them that you will react and respond positively and support them going forward in your relationship with them.

A quick step to making the unfamiliar familiar is stepping into a new reality. So picture that it is a year from now, and you’re making all your decisions in your life and living a life that you feel proud of and are supported in. What feelings would you be feeling then? It is best to step into this new reality every day so you can make it very familiar and comfortable for you.

If you would like help making decisions for yourself in your life where you are supported in the decisions you make, contact me to set up a free session to give you tools to allow you to make the best decisions for your life.
Feb 22, 2017
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