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I seem to have lost the feeling of “I am so valuable” and useful to others. How can I feel those things again?

asked Feb 24, 2017
5210 PointsGold
I’m sorry that you feel this way now. When you read the following, your feelings shall shift a little. When you internalize and apply the following, your feelings may shift A LOT.

“No one can set your level of worthiness except you.”
~Brene Brown

The question really is, then, how can I make myself feel valuable and useful to myself?
Some other questions that’ll help you clarify further:
~In what ways and in which areas of my life have I been making myself feel devalued?
~How can I be more useful to myself?
~What are 5-10 things I know that I’m good at?
~What are 3 impactful compliments (your own positive reflections) you’ve received before that you can think of right away?

You see, the way we feel is always in our hands. We luckily always, at every given moment, have the power to direct and communicate to our internal GPS how we’d like to be feeling going forward. The good, happy, jolly feelings, the feelings of worthiness, etc. is what we’re really seeking. When we understand how to give this to ourselves, only then are we able to have others reflect those positive feelings back at us.

I would love to share more with you about this, so you can feel so much more valued and appreciated and attract way more positive reflections into your life consistently. Contact me so we can get started!
Feb 24, 2017
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