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I feel like money is bad, but I need it to survive. What do I do?

asked Feb 26, 2017
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I hear you.  Considering money is so pivotal in survival in the world as it is, you probably want to get on better terms with money.  The first step is to recognize why you feel like money is bad.

We are inclined to feel like things are bad when we’ve prioritized them over ourselves in some way.  Our own internal guidance, our internal partner, will not like something if we’ve used that thing or person as an excuse to avoid paying attention to it.  In other words, if you’ve made decisions based on money rather than based on what felt good and right, you’re going to end up feeling bad about money because you’ve put it before your own internal GPS.

So the first step to feeling better about money is to start making decisions where you prioritize what feels good and right rather than where you prioritize money.

How can we apply this practically?

You might have taken jobs simply because you needed the money, rather than taking the time to find a job you actually enjoy.  In this case, you want to identify what you really want to feel in a career.  Then find something that fits this—that you are passionate about—to spend your time doing, where you can earn money by doing what you’d want to doing anyway, even if money weren’t in the picture.  This way you and you feeling good are the priority and not money.  Money just comes along for the ride.

You might not have purchased things you actually really wanted and that actually would have supported you in feeling good because of what they cost.  In this case, you want to identify what you really want to feel in your life.  Then buy the things that support you in feeling this with trust that this will lead you to having more money to spend.  Be sure that you’re not escaping your previous restrictions and rules about money because otherwise you won’t actually be prioritizing yourself and you’ll spend money in ways that will never lead to more money.  But if you are actually listening to what would support you in feeling good in your life, you will spend in ways that you are truly prioritizing yourself over money, and you will end up having more money as a result, ultimately.

As you learn to prioritize yourself and you feeling good over money, you will end up feeling better about money since it won’t seem to be robbing you of your own attention and restricting your freedom and control over your life.  If you make decisions that you would make anyway, money will no longer be an excuse to avoid doing this.  You can actually be using money to support you in making better decisions about where you invest your attention, time and energy.  And the result is that money will actually seem like a positive thing.  Further, when you feel better about it, it will be easier to welcome it in, making decisions that lead you to have more of it.

If you’d like help prioritizing yourself over money when it comes to how you earn it and/or how you spend it, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you feeling like money is good and having plenty of it to thrive.
Feb 26, 2017
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