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How can I get more of what I want in my life?

asked Feb 26, 2017
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The first step to getting more of what you want in your life is to identify what it is that you really want.

Most of the time, we think we want things or people.  “If only I had that job, that amount of money, that house, that car, that attractive person, those friends, etc.”

The question you ought to ask yourself is:  What would you feel if you had those things that you think you want?  Perhaps you’d feel more secure, freer, lighter, peace of mind, relaxed, happy, connected, like you belong somewhere, purposeful, and so forth.

Now recognize that if you were experiencing these feelings in your life, it wouldn’t actually matter if you had the particular things or people that you think you want.  You’d have what you really want, because what you really want is an experience—to be thinking and feeling something about yourself and your life.

In other words, rather than say, “If only I had that income, I’d be happy,” recognize that it’s possible to have that income and not be happy, but that if you’re happy, you’ll be happy, regardless of whether you have that income or not.  So what you really want is to be happy—is to feel something positive.

Once you identify this, everything can shift.  Because the feelings from which you act give rise to more reasons to experience these feelings.  So when you simply step into the feelings you want to be having—when you are feeling what you want to be feeling—you are inclined to take actions that lead to more reasons to be feeling what you actually want to be feeling.  In other words, if you simply step into what it feels like to feel secure, free, light, relaxed, happy, connected, purposeful, and so forth, you will be inclined to take actions that will lead to results that will support you in experiencing these positive feelings.

So how can you get more of what you want in your life?  Identify what you truly want—which is a state of mind, an experience, a bunch of positive thoughts and feelings.  And then make your decisions and act from this place, and you will be guided toward what will actually support you in feeling like you have what you want in your life, rather than merely what you think will support you in feeling this.

If you would like help identifying what you truly want in your life so that you can get this, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you experiencing the feelings of having everything you truly want in your life, and then experiencing a life that supports this.
Feb 26, 2017
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