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How are Life Coaching sessions conducted, what happens during a session?

asked Nov 22, 2016
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During the first time meeting with a coach, the coach will ask about what you’ve been experiencing that you’d like to work on or change.  The coach will then help you identify and clarify what you really want to experience instead of what you’ve been experiencing, and begin to help you identify your next steps toward getting what you really want and perhaps also begin to help you work through anything that’s been holding you back from getting what you really want.  

In following sessions, the coach will help you work through anything that’s been holding you back from getting what you really want.  The coach will guide you in uncovering limiting beliefs and ways of thinking and behaving that do not fit or are not in line with what you are saying you really want to experience.  In this way, and perhaps also in other ways (providing you with specific tools, etc.), the coach will help you achieve the goals that you identified and clarified in the first session and that you likely refined along the way during and outside of follow-up sessions.

If this sounds appealing to you and you’re ready to create a better experience of life that’s more of what you truly want, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get started identifying and clarifying what you truly want to experience and immediately get you on track toward this being your reality!
Jan 7, 2017
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Life Coaching sessions can be conducted online, over the telephone or face to face, depending on the locations of the client and therapist. Each session varies in time, with the minimum being 30 minutes. The Life Coach will find out about the current life situation of the client and what areas the client is unhappy with and what areas they wish to change, as well as finding out their life goals.
Together, both client and coach will work out a plan to implement to help support the client in achieving that life goal.
Nov 22, 2016
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