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How can I accomplish more with my days?

asked Feb 26, 2017
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The first step to accomplishing more is to recognize what it is that you actually want here.  It isn’t simply doing more things that is going to get you to your actual goal here, because you can do a lot more and still feel like you haven’t accomplished enough.  So the key is to recognize that what you are truly asking here, ultimately, is, “How can I feel like I’m accomplishing more with my days?”

When we reframe the question this way, we can actually get you fulfilling what you think you want, too—to actually accomplish more.

What is necessary to get you feeling like you’re accomplishing more with your days?

When you try to accomplish things without a clear direction or purpose in the first place, you still don’t feel that you’ve gotten anywhere no matter how much you do, because you can’t measure any progress.  You might be going backward and forward or in circles and getting nowhere for all you know when you don’t have a clear purpose.  And when you feel unaccomplished, looking at how far you still have to go rather than at how far you’ve come, you end up discouraged and demotivated and end up accomplishing less.

When you have a clear purpose and direction, and you accomplish things, you actually feel that you’ve progressed, that you’ve gotten somewhere, because you can measure your progress from where you were toward where you want to go.  And when you feel accomplished, looking at how far you’ve come, you end up encouraged and motivated and end up accomplishing more.

So there are two keys here to accomplishing more and actually feeling accomplished:  

1) Give yourself a clear purpose and direction in the first place and act from here.

2) Focus on what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made rather than on what you still have ahead of you to do.

From this, we can also learn that it’s not about the things so much as the experience, because the experience motivates us toward the things, and without the experience, we don’t get the things in any way that we actually get what we truly want—to feel like we’re accomplishing more with our days.

So give yourself a clear purpose that is experiential in basis.  What do you want to feel at the end of the day?

Then ask yourself what it would feel right to have done by the end of the day to support you in feeling this.

And then ask yourself what it would feel right to have done now.  And do this.

When you have that clear purpose and goal that is experiential in basis in the first place, you can work your way backward from your actual aim and identify how actually to get there.

Also, reward yourself for the actions you take toward this aim rather than focusing on the actions you haven’t yet taken or the actions you “should” or “shouldn’t” have taken.  If you focus on the actions you take, and took, in the right direction, you’ll actually feel accomplished, and you’ll keep going in this direction to accomplish much more.

If you’d like help identifying a motivating purpose and accomplishing more with your days, contact me for a free session now and we’ll get you feeling significantly more accomplished.
Feb 26, 2017
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