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How can I increase the love in my life?

asked Feb 26, 2017
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If you want more love in your life, create more love within yourself.  Then this is what will be reflected back at you by the people and the world around you.  

Give yourself the kind of love you want from others.  Treat yourself as you want to be treated by others.  Don’t simply treat others as you would like to be treated.  Be sure that you are treating yourself as you would like to be treated.  This will make it much easier to treat others well consistently, too, and it will make it so that others also treat you well since they will treat you the way you treat you.

Be kind to yourself.  Tell yourself you love yourself.  Be willing to go out of your way to do something for yourself—to do something that makes you feel good and that feels right to do.  Be compassionate and forgiving toward yourself when you haven’t done something you’ve wanted to do or you did something you didn’t want to do.  Be encouraging toward yourself when you’re doing things you do want to do.

Be a friend to yourself as you would want a friend to be to you.  Be there for yourself.  Be dependable toward yourself.  Be a good and accepting and appreciative listener to your own thoughts, your own feelings, your own desires.  Do everything you do with yourself rather than avoiding yourself and what feels good or forcing yourself to do something other than what feels good and right for you.  Spend your time doing what you love and do everything you do with love.

Be family toward yourself as you would want your family to be to you.  Be unconditionally loving and supportive.  Provide for yourself.  Attend to your own basic physical and emotional needs with care and out of love for yourself.

Be a partner to yourself as you would want your partner to be to you.  Be understanding toward yourself.  Be present to yourself.  Connect with yourself.  Listen with love and caring.  Imagine new realities and create goals and dreams with yourself, feel what it would feel like to achieve these, and act on these with yourself—from this good-feeling place.  Listen to what feels good and act on this.  Listen to what doesn’t feel good and respect your own boundaries and change direction.

If you are loving toward yourself as you would want others and the world to be to you, you will experience all the love in your life you could possibly desire—coming from you, and then reflected in the world outside of you.

If you would like help increasing the love in your life, contact me for a free session now, and we’ll fill your experience of life with love.
Feb 26, 2017
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