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How do I know when I am ready to be in a relationship with the one?

asked Feb 28, 2017
6510 PointsGold
You can get a lot of clarity by asking yourself some questions. The questions will guide you to the answers within you.

Are you happy with the direction you are going in your life right now?
Do you feel like this is a solid direction that you will be going in for a while?
Are you in a career that you love and enjoy?
Do you have a relationship that you have built with yourself that you love?
Do you feel like you have accomplished the things that you want to have in place before a relationship with the one in the area of living situation, financial, health, relationships, career?  

These questions will give you clarity about where you are holding right now. It might be helpful to jot down your responses on paper to give you the opportunity to reflect on your thoughts.

If you feel that you would like to accomplish more before being in a relationship with the one, what feelings would you be feeling had you already accomplished those things? It is possible not to have everything accomplished before the one relationship; however, you would want to shift your mindset about certain things needing to be in place before the relationship. The place from which you ask for a relationship is what you get. Picture it being like a root from a seed that you planted, the root will always stay in the same place no matter what. If you ask for the one and are not ready with your mindset, a relationship that you get will show you what areas to work on in order to be ready to be in a relationship with the one.

Contact me and we can go into more detail in a session to give you complete clarity and work through ways to help get you into the mindset of being ready to be in a relationship with the one.
Feb 28, 2017
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