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How can I make my relationship with my significant other last?

I’m always being broken up with. I’m losing my hope after putting all my efforts into the relationship, and I’m afraid that I will be broken up with again.
asked Feb 28, 2017
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I’m sorry to hear this; it is not pleasant to be broken up with. Let’s get you to a place of confidence in your relationship, so you feel like your relationship is permanent and lasting. I want to point out a couple of things that are going on here behind the scenes. First, it is not you speaking about being afraid of being broken up with. It is how your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires are currently feeling with you in your relationship with them. Second, your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires are afraid that if they put everything into the relationship with you that you will break up with them.

So, quick steps to get you on a path of shifting these feelings: Acknowledge that you made your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires afraid that you would break up with them. Apologize for making yourself feel that way. Focus on how you would like to be making your internal guidance system feel going forward in your relationship with it. Next, reassure yourself that you will be present in your relationship with yourself and this relationship with you is here to stay and last.

Contact me if you would like to create inner confidence, wholesomeness and completion in your life and have all the relationships in your life reflect this.
Feb 28, 2017
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1) The number one way to make any relationship last is to be committed. Both people have to be committed to make the relationship work. You need to find someone who wants to be committed.

2) The relationship should be focused on growing and who you are as a person. If the relationship is focused all on the physical, such as physical attractiveness and being in the bedroom, it will not last.

3) Make sure not to get content in the relationship. Your relationship should consistently have renewal periods and ways to spice things up. Once you get comfortable in a relationship, it gets stale, and one partner may want to leave.

4) There must be respect for each other in the relationship. If either person is not respected, it will not last long. Both partners need to feel respected

5) Make sure that the needs of the other person are fulfilled. If a person does not have their needs fulfilled, they will look elsewhere to get it.

6) The relationship cannot last if either person is selfish. The relationship cannot be all about one person. A relationship must be based on giving. Being selfish is not conducive to a health relationship.
Mar 1, 2017
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