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How can I have an easy time trusting another person?

asked Feb 28, 2017
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Trusting another person is based on trusting yourself. If you feel like you are having a hard time trusting someone else, this is a reflection of what is going on internally in your relationship with yourself. The trust you feel is the trust that you are creating in your relationship with your internal guidance system and that it feels with you. So ask yourself: In what areas of your life are you feeling that you can’t trust yourself? The response that you get is how your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires are feeling with you. They are the ones having a hard time putting their trust in you in your relationship with them.

Quick steps to move on from this to create a trusting relationship:

Acknowledge to yourself that you haven’t trusted your thoughts, feelings, instincts and desires or been trustworthy to them up until now.

Apologize to yourself for not trusting yourself or being trustworthy to yourself.

The final step is to focus on how you would like to make your internal guidance system feel going forward in your relationship with it.

Contact me if you would like help creating a trusting relationship with yourself. We can go into more depth in the specific areas you have not trusted yourself or been trustworthy to yourself in the past, and shift those feelings to allow you to clear the path of creating a trusting relationship with yourself and have all the relationships in your life reflect this.
Feb 28, 2017
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In order to earn someone's trust, you need to connect with them and understand who they are and what their motivations are in life.  It takes time to earn someone's trust. It does not just happen overnight. You will have an easier time trusting someone the more you get to know someone, which you can do by seeing them repeatedly, spending more time getting to know them, and feeling if they are genuine.

You may also want to go into your past and see what relationships have shaped you to make you more guarded and less trusting. You may need to either forgive this person, or realize that not everyone is like the person who hurt you.
Mar 1, 2017
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