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My roommate keeps looking for things that I’m doing wrong (wrong=not her way). How can I get her off my case?

asked Mar 3, 2017
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I’m really sorry that you’re experiencing this with your roommate. If you’d like your roommate to stop making you feel this way, it is best you first are open to the idea that everything in life is purposeful and has the potential to be an awesome growth experience, including this “wonderful” situation that is being presented to you now. So, on that much more positive (& absolute truth) note, let’s begin…

Answering the following questions may be helpful to you in understanding why you’re experiencing this in the first place with “your roommate”. Then you can easily make changes where it counts and have more positive experiences with her, your next door neighbor, or whomever:
~ What has your roommate made you think and feel?
~ How have you made yourself feel this way?
~ In what areas of your life have you been too much on top of yourself and perhaps overly critical?
~ Have you been looking for what you/others were doing wrong?
~ Have you recently shifted within yourself and started looking (and finding) what’s right, rather than wrong, with people and your world?

 1. Addressing what your roommate made you think and feel,
 2. Bringing it back to you, to how you made yourself feel these things,
 3. Apologizing to you for making yourself feel these things (being overly critical and too on top of yourself, not allowing yourself room to breath and to just be, etc.)
 4. Redirecting to what you would love to make yourself feel instead, going forward (easy-going, accepting, appreciative, giving yourself positive feedback, etc).
 5. Smiling!
You are actually addressing the root, understanding what’s being communicated to you by your internal GPS (through your roommate=your special messenger). As a result, you are then able to make real changes in your life, and not only with your roommate.

I would love to share with you more about this! Contact me so we can get started!
Mar 3, 2017
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