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How can I feel more alive?

asked Mar 9, 2017
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If you want to feel more alive, you want to be with yourself more.  The more on the same page you are with yourself, and the more present you are to yourself, the more alive you will feel.

So how can you get on the same page as yourself?  Whenever you are focusing on conflicting things, without a clear focus on anything, you aren’t on the same page as yourself—you aren’t aligned with yourself.  It feels terrible and life draining to not be aligned with yourself.  It’s unclear what you want and what can fulfill you.  And your internal GPS has no clear destinations toward which to guide you, so it feels purposeless and low in energy, and so you feel these things, too.

In order to get aligned with yourself, you first want to get really clear about what you want.  What you want is not a specific person or thing or occurrence; it is the thoughts and feelings you imagine you would be experiencing if you had this person or thing or occurrence.  If you identify what you truly want to be feeling, you are well on your way to feeling more alive.

The next step is to make these desired feelings real for you.  Focus on them.  Step into them.  Live in them on purpose for at least a few minutes each day.  Then you can start recognizing what doesn’t fit you feeling this.

Once you start recognizing the things that take you away from feeling what you’d like to be feeling, you can respond to these and redirect them.  These are old destinations that you’ve plugged into your internal GPS with the focus of your attention that aren’t on the way toward your new destination that you’ve just set.  If you want to go forward in alignment with yourself, you want to respond to all of the ways that you’ve previously made yourself feel that don’t fit this new way that you are basically saying you’d like to make yourself feel—what you are saying you’d like to experience.

So where you have made yourself feel less-than-ideal, respond to this by apologizing and redirecting.  You cannot experience anything unless you made yourself experience it first—the world just reflects and supports what you have already made yourself feel.  So if you’re feeling things that you don’t want to be feeling, acknowledge your responsibility here:  “I’m sorry I made you feel these things.”  And let yourself know what you’d like to make yourself feel instead going forward.  “Going forward, I’d really like to make you feel (the positive opposite of what you’ve previously made yourself feel) instead.”

As you address concerns as they are brought up by your own internal guidance, you can get more on the same page with it.  And when you are more on the same page with your own internal guidance and focused on clear positive experiences that you are aligned with, you will feel more alive.

So here are the keys to feeling more alive:

1.  Step into what you really want to be feeling each day.  Imagine a whole bunch of positive feelings for yourself and really feel them.

2.  Acknowledge and respond kindly to any feelings that come up that don’t fit this, and redirect them toward more positive feelings.

3.  Act on what feels right from this positive, aligned place.

Then you will be more present to where you are and to every experience in each moment.  And you will feel much more motivated, purposeful, and alive.

If you would like help getting aligned with yourself and clearly focused on what you truly want to experience so you can feel much more alive, contact me now and we’ll get you feeling what you really want to feel in your life.
Mar 9, 2017
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