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How can I make my relationship last?

asked Mar 11, 2017
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The key to making a relationship last is to remember that your partner is just a reflection of you.  However you treat yourself, your partner will treat you.  However you make yourself feel, your partner will make you feel.

If you prioritize your partner over yourself—over what feels right for you—your partner will not prioritize you either.  If you look to your partner for something—be it connection, love, validation, listening, or anything else—you will not get this from your partner until you give it to yourself first and stop looking to your partner for it.  Once you’re getting what you want from yourself—once you’re treating yourself as you want to be treated in regard to every area of your life, including career, money, health, living situation, family, friendships, etc.—you will see this reflected in the mirror of your partner.

If you experience something in the mirror of your relationship with your partner that you like, keep giving this to yourself rather than looking to the mirror to find it, and you will keep experiencing it in the mirror.  If you experience something in the mirror of your relationship with your partner that you don’t like, change how you are treating yourself and you will experience something different in the mirror.

So prioritize what feels right for you in every case, always.  Be there for yourself.  Give to yourself what you want to receive.  And as long as it still feels right to be with your partner when you are being there for yourself, your relationship will last.

If you’d like help making your relationship last, contact me for a free session and we’ll get you recognizing your partner as a mirror of you and building the kind of relationship with yourself in regard to all areas of your life that you want to experience with your partner.
Mar 11, 2017
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